Missing story, please read!

Hi everyone,
Unfortuntaly my phone broke and I lost this episode story I was reading. It was one of my favs
It was a fantasy story, about this girl who is a dragon, the last of her kind, she lives with her best friend who is a giant, she has to climb the rankings, the people who make the top ten rankings get to meet the king, she then meets a devil, the devil gets the dragon pregnant and she gives birth to devil dragons. That is the quick summary, if you know it please please reach out to me, I really really miss reading it !
Thank you and have a great day !



OMG IM ALSO LOOKING FOR ITTTT I love it I cried while reading it Im looking for it but can’t find it I forgot the damn name

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I knowwww I really hope someone can tell us the name!!

Is it the dragon bride?


Unfortunatley, That is not the story :/// thanks for trying to help though!

was it popular enough to be in the top community section?

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Anyone find it? I love that story! I can’t find it anywhere!

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nope, sorry! but maybe some details could help. was it ink or limelight? was there cc available? do you remember how the story started? how did you come across the story in the first place?

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It was limelight and the Main Characters name was Payne, i found it in the fantasy section. It started as the MC was fighting a fairy i believe and she wins and gets a higher ranking, theMC, Payne has a demon friend and a fairy friend whom are dating, a best friend who is a giant.

Anyone know this story?

Calling attention back to this post!! I have read this story before and I am dying to read it again but I also can not remember the title!! Does anyone happen to know the author or title!?!?