Missing things on the App


I recently Got a new Phone and as fast as i Got it, i had to install Episode App! But i noticed that I was missing a few things! The search, the profile, the user stories, the create and stories! I read that it would be fixed after a few weeks, because it was the new update or something! But it’s not fixed and I really need it❤️ Hope you’ll help me❤️


Hello, @Sandia! This is Camelost and we welcome you to the Episode Forums! If you’re having some trouble with the app, send in a help ticket here. Our support group will be happy to help you! Thank you, and again, welcome to the Forums! :sunglasses:


Hi @Sydney_H In my IPhone 8 after waiting for 4 hours, I would get only 2 passes when I am supposed to get 4 passes. After waiting for a week I am still getting only 2 passes. Before iPhone I had Samsung and in my Samsung I would receive 4 passes. Is there anything you can do???


Hello @abhreet! Thanks for asking! This sounds like a job for our support team! Submit a ticket here and they’ll be happy to help you with your problem. Thanks and good luck :sunglasses: