Missing tickets

So I had 28 tickets in total and they always reloaded 4 after an hour when I used them. Which is good, but yesterday I played it till 25 and they didnt reload at all so I thought maybe if i only use 4 but no! They are not reloading my tickets! How can I fix this? Help please!

This thread should answer your question:

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Alright, I thought I was the only one.


Yeah this sucks. I had 200 tickets & im now down to 185 & it makes me not want to continue reading. The fact they decided to do this little change without notifying us or anything is beyond me.


Ok, they said that they limited maximum passes. So when you go below the maximum passes you can refill.

If you want this to change back to the way it was, please refer to this post too: APP: Reload 4 free passes every 4 hours

4 refillable passes is too small of a maximum amount. We should be able to stockpile our passes limitlessly, like we used to.


Right when I went on the Episode app and used my tickets and came back there was no change and I’m just like…where is my tickets