Missing Window For Exit

I saw there are changes in app again :smiley: I have nothing against, they look pretty neat :smiley:

  • everything is more down (not at the top anymore)
  • readerMessage is smaller
  • letters are smaller

Previously the reader message went through left to right, now it takes only the center. I like it!

But one thing is missing! When we watch our story and we click “Hide the debug elements” - Window for exit is missing!

Can someone let know @Jesse or who ever needs to know that, so they can fix it?

Also: Pause (darken Window) comes too quickly!


File a support ticket. I’m having the exact same issue.

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They have been changing the app. That’s why I’m letting them now that some changes are not ok :thinking:

I personally don’t like how reader message looks now, it’s not subtle and often covers characters faces (hope this is a bug as well)

I sent a support ticket and they said it’s a known issue and I didn’t had any updates since 3 days ago so nothing is fixed on my app :frowning:


Yeah mine is like this to when I try to exit one of my episodes that I am writing.

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