Mixed character and outfits! Now you can put the Ink outfits at Limelight and vice versa!

Very good question.
But I don’t think I could make a story using 3 styles anyway. It’s very glitchy.
I couldn’t delete outfits, I had to create new characters for Ink if I wanted a new outfit.
Not worth it.


Yeah, I’ve played with the 3 style character’s in the past and the only way I could find to make new outfits was to make a character for that outfit as well.

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Same. I’m just testing the LL outfits on INK in this story, and I really wish they could update some of them for us!


Can someone please explain how I can do this ASAP?

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It’s all explained in the video. But it’s glitchy so be careful.

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LIKE and Support!


we need these clothes so bad omg . please episode allow INK stories to use these clothing ideas


Yes you can. You can’t post when you have errors.

This is awesome! I can’t wait to use this.

I still cannot use it, it’s making me frustrated

Can someone tell me how to mix styles in one story? I can’t find how to anywhere and it’s making me crazy!

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I didn’t even know you can use different styles in a story :open_mouth:

You can publish it but you cant use any accessories they’ll look odd or out of place.

Yes you can now if only we can find out how to get the code to unlock it.

Good luck, I guess.

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What is imitation? In errors is says to make sure I enable imitation

It’s a command only available for featured stories but I have no idea what this means or what this do :thinking:

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ok thx :smiley:

Support 100%

I also tried to change the characters etc in the URL but I could not really create two style characters in the same story at any time