Mixed character and outfits! Now you can put the Ink outfits at Limelight and vice versa!

Yes you can now if only we can find out how to get the code to unlock it.

Good luck, I guess.

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What is imitation? In errors is says to make sure I enable imitation

It’s a command only available for featured stories but I have no idea what this means or what this do :thinking:

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ok thx :smiley:

Support 100%

I also tried to change the characters etc in the URL but I could not really create two style characters in the same story at any time

The real gag is that like half of the beautiful Limelight clothes, we all love and ask for for Ink, fit perfectly fine on Ink characters and yet Episode won’t add them to the INK catalog…am I missing something? Would it be that hard? I know Episode would probably rather we use Limelight for new stories and the better closet might be an incentive to do so but if people are Frankensteining up their stories for the assets anyway why don’t they just add the pieces that work for Ink?


They already said they wont be creating new stuff for ink anymore but the stuff they already have thats waiting to be released might be nice. Its old technology they cant use anymore thats why this method is so glitchy.

Well, that’s sad. At least they have a good bunch of stuff still in their closet, I’m guessing.

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I thought they said they were’t creating new stuff for Classic anymore? Is it both?

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Yeah i think so. Liz had posted her response on a few threads. They arent getting rid of it but they arent making new stuff for it. Limelight is on a new platform with better technology. So they want to focus on developing that style. Theres still a bunch of hidden stuff for ink they havent made public so i guess thats what to come. Kinds makes me nervous but im looking forward to new changes at the same time lol

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Well, it makes sense that they have better technology for LL. They’ve been releasing giant batches of animations for that style, and unless they had them made beforehand, they’ve been making them pretty fast (I think LL was just introduced last year?)

Yeah around the time the Dolan twins and the first pretty lilttle liars story was dropped i think. I thought it was hideous in the beginning :joy:but limelight has come along way since then. So ima give them the benefit of the doubt lol

Remember when you had like 6 hairstyles to choose from for customization in Dolan Twins :joy:

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lmaoooo yeahhh that was terrible. The facial features werent that great either lol Im so glad they improved it.

I think the amount of animations released through updates this year alone tops the amount of animations in INK as a whole.

Hi!! So, I’ve watched and tried to have all the same character styles in one but it just sends me straight to picking a Limelight character. Does anyone know how to fix this? I’ve watched two videos:


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It’s just not working for some people :woman_shrugging:t2:

Oh ok