Miyako's Honest Reviews (CLOSED TO CATCH UP || 10/7/2020)

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Welcome to “Miyako’s Honest Reviews!” (yes my last one got closed bc I was inactive but im back ok)

I’m going to assume you’re here because you need an honest review of how well your story is, or you need feedback of what you can do to improve and top the charts. So let’s get started shall we? :blob_hearts:

First, you need to read these very important rules to determine whether or not you’re qualified to submit your story in for a review. :blob_sun:


  1. No spamming this thread. If I accepted your request, it still might take a while since I am very busy.
  2. I will only review up to 3 episodes per person. If your story is well written, I might continue reading.
  3. Fill out the form correctly and completely, otherwise your request will be declined.
  4. Please do not be rude. This will automatically decline your request.
  5. If your story is unpublished, fill out the form and just PM me the link if you’re not comfortable sharing it here.
  6. If you need to make changes, please edit your ORIGINAL request and tag me to let me know you changed/edited your request. This prevents the thread from being too cluttered.
  7. The password is miyakoreviews2020

Form: :blob_turtle:

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Story Review Criteria:

Grammar: /10
Plot: /10
Plot Progression: /10
Originality: /10
Overlays: /10
Spot Directing: /10
Choices: /10
Diversity: /10
Personalities: /10
Character Development: /10

Extra: (These do not count towards your total points)
Cover: /10
Description: /10

Total: /100 - (Ex: 95/100 + 15)

Would I read again?:

If you have questions about what I said or why I rated your story the way I did, please PM me and we can discuss further there. :blob_hearts:

:white_check_mark: - Completed
:o: - On Hold
:x: - Declined or Cancelled

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none bc its not open yet lol

Happy Requesting :party_time:


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Hello! @molly247 Sorry for the wait, I’ve (finally) completed your request for the following story: “Tangled Spells” :blob_hearts:

Total read: 3

Completed Review

Grammar: 9/10

I found a few grammar mistakes here and there, but nothing that can’t be disregarded or checked with a spellchecker. Overall, your word-choice and punctuation was spot on so well done!

Plot: 10/10

I LOVE the plot so much, especially how you executed it! Everything just makes sense, and the way you incorporated magic into the plot and the importance of magic, notably the modern world blending in with the magical… flawless.

Plot Progression: 8/10

The plot progresses a little fast, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. It gives me time to take in the plot, which I like a lot, and it lets me have a look at their backstories too with insight of why the conflict is happening in the first place.

Originality: 10/10

This is definitely an ORIGINAL story idea that I haven’t seen before! I love reading things like these, because it reminds me of my story! By the way, that intro was AMAZING and I’m definitely inspired to create one similar with the text and all. The characters are original and unique, I imagine them in voices in my head with an accent, and Xaiver reminds me of Hugo from Plague Tales!

The cover is eye-catching and beautiful, the description is compelling, just perfect!

Impeccable job.

Overlays & Backgrounds: 9/10

The backgrounds were really good and skillfully used! The overlays for magic were magnificent, it really made it look like she had magical powers, keep it up!

Spot Directing & Camera: 10/10

Teach me how to use the camera like that, I mean seriously, teach me. The way you spot direct and use the camera is FLAWLESS. I’m fascinated. I found little to no spot-directing mistakes, you also handled transitions remarkably well with minor glitches here and there, but it was advanced enough to leave a an everlasting impression on me.

Choices: 10/10

Although your story doesn’t use choices that impact the story, you still allow your reader to change the appearance and pick the MCs clothing. I respect that.

Diversity: 10/10

I found a multitude of diverse characters, whether it be background or the main cast. Whenever you depict the background characters they are correctly portrayed mostly, including the hijabi at the marketplace, and many more. Outstanding job.

Personalities: 9/10

I admire how each character of yours have a distinct personality that seperates them, it really makes them feel “alive.” Though, I wonder what seperates Jordan from Rose other than being wolf-vampire?

Character Development: 10/10

It’s a bit too early to say, but I saw a little development when Lucretia was finally free and taking a bath, how she loved being free. So much so she wanted to go to the market. I suppose I’d see a lot more character development when I read the rest, but kudos to you on everything else!

Total: 85/100 + 20

Extra: (These do not count towards your total points)
Cover: 10/10
Description: 10/10

Would I read again?: Yes! It seems very interesting from what I’ve read so far, and the magic system seems to be very in-depth.

If you have questions about what I said or why I rated your story the way I did, please PM me and we can discuss further there. :blob_hearts:

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Hey, thanks for doing this :hot_face::heart:

Style - LL

Genre - Drama

Story Title - Reveal: To Be Powerful

Description - Everyone receives powers at the age of 18. It’s your turn, but a shocking reveal makes you question your future. Do you have what it takes to be powerful?(cc,mc+li gender,choices)

Published or Unpublished? - Published

Total Episodes I Want To Be Read - 3

Link :

Anything You Should Know - Thank you so much! (The third chapter I know was a little rushed, because the deadline was approaching. Once the contest is over, I’ll fix it!)

Password - miyakoreviews2020

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I’ll be taking your request after I finish the ones I need to catch up on, I just simply reopened this thread back up because the last one was closed due to inactivity.

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Agh, girl thank you sooo much!! This really means a lot to me. And yes, of course, if you need help with anything I’ll try to help:)))

Well, the difference in personality between both Jordan and Rose, I don’t think it’s very visible at first so I might need to change that, but Jordan’s more shy, serious and mature. Rose is very confident, lively and even though she’s serious at times she likes to laugh :sweat_smile:

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Style (INK OR LL): LL
Genre: Drama (fantasy, romance)
Story Title: Reveal: The Child of Aphrodite
Description: After you find out your mom is the goddess of love, you realise your seduction is the key in a millennia-long battle between the gods. Oops?
Published or Unpublished?: Published
Total episodes you want me to read (max 3): 3
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5199914324918272
Anything I should know before reading?: n/a, but thanks for doing this!
Password: miyakoreviews2020

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Style (INK OR LL): LL
Genre: Romance
Story Title: Imperfectly Perfect
Description: Isabella is starting her first year in college. All of her life everything has fallen perfectly into place. What will happen when things don’t go as planned? CC
Published or Unpublished?: Published
Total episodes you want me to read (max 3): 3
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5692980893777920
Anything I should know before reading?: N/A, thank you so much for your time! :heart:
Password: miyakoreviews2020

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thank you for this thread <3
Style (INK OR LL): LL
Genre: Thriller, Romance
Story Title: Steps in the Storm
Description: Keva Smith, a dancer with a medical condition, escaped her dark past and got into her dream school in New York. When new love finds her, will it be enough to wish the rain away?
Published or Unpublished?: Unpublished :))
Total episodes you want me to read (max 3): 3
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5987365485346816
Anything I should know before reading?: no not really
Password: miyakoreviews2020

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Bump <3

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Okay, no problem. Thanks!

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10/7/2020 - @preciouso @episode.michellerose @mel.writes I will take your request AFTER I catch up on the current reviews I have to finish. You’ll be notified whether your review was “accepted” or “denied” once I do. Thank you for your patience :blob_hearts:


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