Miya's Edited Backgrounds (IG: Miya.episode)


These are backgrounds I have edited myself from the art catalog in the portal. If you use them or repost them anywhere, make sure to give credit! To stay connected, follow me on instagram @miya.episode (yeah I know this is the second time in one thread #shamelessselfpromo)



These look amazing!!


Thank you!


I definetly think I will use them! I’ll be sure to credit you too x


Link to my drive in case if there are any issues with downloading them here
Miya’s drive




Woah these are great! Take requests?


Thank you! Unfortunately I don’t take requests:(


Haha that’s alright. :heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse:

Your art is amazing.


These backgrounds are beautiful! :smiley: I’ll make sure to credit you @miya.episode when I’m going to use them!


These are amazing!! :heart_eyes:




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me to!!


I love these! I’ll make sure to credit you when I use them


In my story im about to publish i used one of you backrounds and i credited you!


Your backgrounds are amazing Be sure I’ll give you credit :heart:


These backgrounds are so good! Could you make some high school ones, like a locker halls, classrooms and the highschool from outside?


Possibly, thanks for the suggestion!


These are beautiful :scream: Can I use some of them? I’ll credit you!