Mobile App Bug: Tappable Choices Problem

I have an episode story and I use advanced directing in it. No one had complaints about any buggs/errors until recently when people started dm-ing me about a game freeze. Restarting the app does not help. The code is complicated but I’m sure it has no mistakes, since it was fine in the beginning.
The bug happens in a scene where I’ve used tappable choices and free panning along the screen. Everything is fine until the game decides to freeze out of a sudden. I don’t know what to do.
I sent an email to Episode but they said that I should see in the Forum.
This only happens to some people tho which is even stranger.
I’d really appreciate any help!
Thanks in advance <3

If it’s just a few people it may just be their device, ask them to clear up storage, delete and reinstall the app, or to clear cache…

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Do you know which device they use? That might cause a problem

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They use phone devices. My story has option to choose a device and it happens on the phone mode. I also thought it may be smth with their devices since only 2 ppl have contacted me so far. :confused:

Do you know if android or ios?

I thought it may be with the app itself since there are a lot of glitches recently, especially if you write more complicated codes. :woman_shrugging: :woman_shrugging:

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One of them is android.