Mobile App Help?


I just have a quick question for you guys, I recently started writing a story on the mobile app, as I have never made one on here before.When I get on pc it doesn’t show? Is there something I can do? Thanks!


Hi @S.S.S and welcome to the forums! I have gone ahead and moved your topic to the Directing Help & Tips section as you seem to be looking for that. Please take a gander at the forum tutorial for more info on where to correctly create your topics on the forums. Thanks a bunch :slight_smile:


Are you using the same email for both your Episode account and the Writers Portal? If not, you won’t be able to find it.


@Purple_Ghost Yes, I am using the same email for both


Although I never had this problem, for some authors the story isn’t showing up until it has 3 episodes. So create at least 3 episodes (you don’t have to write anything in them) and try again.


@Apes I thought maybe that was the problem but at the moment I actually have 3 episodes


hmmm… I don’t have anymore ideas then… maybe send a support ticket?


@Apes I will. Thanks for trying to help me tho :slight_smile: