Mobile app not showing the scenes created on laptop


Hi, guys!

I hope you are doing great!

I wonder if anyone can help me with one issue: my mobile app is not updating the scenes that I create on the laptop. I have used @zoom reset and updated the story on the app but nothing seems to help.

My backgrounds are not approved yet but the ones before this glitch seem to work perfectly fine.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Thank you very much in advance for any suggestions and advice!



Have you tried resetting the story?


Just did and that’s the result :confused:


Either you have an error in your story or this a glitch and you should submit a ticket to admin.
But I’d definitely check your script


That was most likely a glitch as now it seems to work ok. Although one character still doesn’t show up :confused:


A few people have been seeing their characters missing, so yea probably a glitch. Submit that ticket hun


Aw, god! This is so annoying. I spent a good half an hour trying to find out why my character wasn’t doing an animation with Dara.Amarie on the forum, and I finally solved it just by swiping up on the app (on iPhone, basically closing the app entirely) and then re-opening it.


Will do! It seems to be bothering a lot of people!


I know! Coding is difficult already the way it is and with these glitches it’s so much worse!


Totally agree! :confounded:


many people get that characters missing glitch.

one of the main reasons why is because your phone may not remember Episode well enough (not enough storage)


Whenever I read episodes I have that problem. Them not showing up, or their clothing… But I have 128 GB on my phone and I’ve used only 20 so it cannot be space…


I see! Yes, my phone is pretty full, so maybe cleaning it will help. I’ll give it a try, thank you!



So this happens also when you read other people’s stories not only when you create yours?


Yup both.




For other people’s stories if I exit out the story and go back in it usually goes away, but for mine I have to restart my whole phone


Like literally restart it fully? Not just quit the app? :scream::scream::scream:




thats why i said one of the main reasons.

send a ticket if necessary