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Just wondering if anyone knows if there are any plans to update the mobile app so us mobile authors have the same choices as the desktop site users.

I love creating stories but am not really any good at using the website and prefer to create on mobile but feel I could do even better with more options available.

It would be so great to have:
*More customisation choices in facial hair, tattoos/freckles. I see loads of things advertised as new but they never appear on the mobile app.
*More outfits or at least the ability to mix and match tops/skirts/trousers/ shoes/accessories etc instead of set outfits.
*Have more choice of movements/emotions as it’s quite limited on mobile and when I read other stories I often see an emotion I think would be great for a scene I’ve written but I don’t have access to it.
*Have the option to upload our own backgrounds via mobile. I would adore this to become a reality!!
*Have the ability to add effects such as rain and snow and moving cars etc.
*Zoom facilities and directing options.

If I have missed something on the mobile app and anyone knows how to do any of the above or if things I’ve mentioned are already available, please let me know how to access them.

I love episode and spend hours creating so would be so excited to see a little mobile update.

Thanks for reading.


They said that mobile creating app will never be as advanced as portal is, maybe you can try to mixed them up together :grin:? Here’s how:

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Anyone know if there is a way to use the background options that are available when choosing your profile avatar as they are different to those available as backgrounds when creating a story on mobile.
Clearly they are usable on mobile so why not available when creating stories?
Thanks for any help.

Unfortunately there’s no more backgrounds there

Just support this idea here:

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