Mobile App publishing

I’m writing a story on the mobile app but it doesn’t show in my computer and I wanted to know how I can publish it since is not possible from the app (I already have 3 episodes)

I think you can actually go to the website by downloading an app

You can download the Puffin Browser app and search episodeinteractive from there and log in, as long as your episodes are 400 lines long you should be able to publish it

I downloaded the app and I logged in but it shows the same as my pc. It doesn’t show the story and it just shows me how to start making one.

Hmm… I’ve heard that people have had problems with this, maybe you could send a ticket, are you sure that you saved your story?

I know people send tickets when they have a problem but I don’t really know how to do that and the story is in my phone in the “Editable stories” section. Maybe it’s because my episodes aren’t 400 lines.

Yeah, maybe, but if you have a computer it should let you find your story and edit it… are you logged in?

Yes I’m logged in, in the app and on my computer.

Does it look something like this when you log in on the app?

It looks like this.

Lol, ok, look at the bar listing tutorials, put your finger on don’t let go and move your finger on it up until you see the title of your story.

It is the list under “My Stories”

I found it, Thank you so much!

wow same I use the app to make my stories and I don’t know my episodes won’t publish