Mobile Create: Updating!



Hello fellow users and Episode developers! I I have some suggestions. I don’t know about others, but for me I find it difficult to code and create on the computer. I just don’t get the hang of it. Fortunately for me, I have mobile-create! I absolutely love how much easier it is to use it. I do have some ideas though to make it even better.

1, Add more backgrounds! There have been times where i’m writing a story but I just don’t have the right background for my plot.
2. Customize outfits! Honestly, this is NEEDED, I want to be able to make my own outfits! That way I can express my characters better.
3. Zooming and angles. Not as necessary, but still important. Having more zooming options and angles would make the story much more enjoyable and interesting to read.
4. More behaviors. The options for actions and behaviors is way to limited. I think when a future update comes this is a necessary addition.

These are some things I think need to be updated or added. Please comment below what other things we should have or be updated. With my suggestions I think a lot more users will want to make a story of their own, and mobile creation can be just as creative and interesting as coding on computer.

Thank you.


Support. When I create a story on my phone I like having background characters in my story, only problem is the phone creator only allows 5 characters on one background at a time




support, that is a good idea


They definitely need to add those features to the mobile creator! Even if they won’t make it to where we can create our own outfits they at least need to add a lot more pre-made outfits of all types!


I support, I feel the same also I want more tattoos for both genders,more clothes,more features,and be able to customize outfit in story.






Hi I think in the mobile creation there is not enough features. I think one thing to add could be limelight characters. I also think more backgrounds would be better. And more emotions and also please let us create our own outfits because coding everything on the computer is way harder so please add more things like this to mobile creation


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