Mobile Creation - Could it be brought back?

Hopefully, this gets noticed by Episode but hi, myself and a bunch of people were wondering if the mobile creation could come back. Half of the people here don’t like it but let’s not disregard the other half of people who did. So, could it come back…like I’m pretty sure a bunch of people who used it wouldn’t mind if it were not updated.

I just started really using episode interactive and I’ve never been one for coding so the mobile app would probably help as many can just make rough drafts and edit later. I go to school as do a bunch of people on Episode and we probably won’t have the time to write scripts. A lot of people keep saying ‘mobile stories were trash’ but that disregards the effort put into it. Some use it as a draft and then fine-tune it later.

I honestly could be ignored but this is an earnest plea to bring back mobile creation. I understand that then, there weren’t enough funds to update and work on mobile creation but honestly, a lot of people wouldn’t mind it not being updated. I personally could work on mobile as it’d be easier and do all the nitty-gritty stuff here late but at least that’d have made my life easier.

As I said before, this is an earnest plea. It doesn’t have to be done but it’s just my opinion and stuff. Thanks anyway for providing Episode. It’s an awesome app! What do y’all think about it?



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Even though the mobile creation wasn’t nearly as advanced as the writing portal, it was super fun and easy for beginners! That way, new authors weren’t intimidated by all the coding. I don’t think it will be brought back unfortunately, but I wish it would! :slight_smile:

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I understand where you are coming from, but as someone who started writing their first stories on Mobile Creator, I’d rather discourage anyone to do that, even if it was still possible. I also thought that those would be just drafts, but I never actually managed to make something decent from them. The only scenes that look kind of okay are the ones that I deleted and rewrote completely. My first story is still archived, partly because the directing is so bad that I will never actually have the time nor the motivation to fix it.

It definitely takes a while to get used to writing on the portal, but once it happens, you’ll write much faster than you could on Mobile Creator. And if you have enough creativity, you’ll be able to create awesome things.

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I want it for the memes :rofl:

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I agree sooo much. My friend recently wanted to start but, she does not like the coding, it was “too much” to figure out. According to her and me. I used to make stories off of the mobile all the time. It was just where I put all my ideas down and i put them together later. It was not the best but it was easy and simple. Also when I was bored and on the road I would typically use the mobile. But no one is going to pull out a whole computer so they could do a story. Another reason is the writers portal is hard to create stories on a phone or tablet. Its harder to scroll and type. Finally, for me to fully have understood the writers portal I had to go back to my previous stories off of the mobile, then look what I did to make them move, change, leave and what not. I also had to watch various amounts of videos to understand. And I am still not fully “good at” coding on the writers portal. I just realized yesterday that you can enter a screen and go to a certain spot. But there was not a video for it. I searched it up. I believe the mobile creation helped many GET STARTED onto episode and it benefited so many writers. Although it was not so good coding and they would still have to learn a few things, it would benefit so much more than its disadvantages.

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