Mobile Creation help


Hello I started writing a story on my laptop but my laptop has broke, is there a way of doing it must tablet.


Hi cameron,
It’s possible to write a story on mobile device but not with all functions and possibilities, it’s easier
I don’t know if you can write on a tablet, but if you want to try, just open the Episode app and press the button with 3 of this _ among each other and then you press the button “Create”
I hope I helped, good luck with your story and R.I.P. your laptopt


Sorry this did help but i mean carry on with the same story on tablet


Go to your phone browser and type in the URL and then look at the top right corner of the screen and if you see three lines stacked on each other, tap it, and then tap create y9ur own story and then tap on the X at the top and then yap on whatever you used to log in and tap the gmail/log in to facebook and you should be taken to the portal


Contact Mr for tips


And help


Yes u can because I do that


You search up episode interactive then scroll down and then u sign up the account u were working with and their


Lol sorry cameron, my wrong
Good luck :stuck_out_tongue: :crazy_face: