Mobile Creation or Writers' Portal?

Writers Portal

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Definitely Writer’s Portal. A bit more challenging, but more options >

Writer’s Portal. The coding is faster once you learn the names of some of the animations.

Undoubtedly the Writer’s Portal. When I first saw it, it was confusing and overwhelming, and I just wanted to switch to Mobile Creation. But once you’ve learned your way around, the Writer’s Portal is the best.

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If you’re just learning to write, I would say Mobile Creation, it can really help you with some of the basics, and when you get the hang of it, switch to the Writers’ Portal! You can always transfer the scripts!


You can check out Mobile Creation for the basics and how a story works then get straight onto the Writers’ Portal.

I’m so confused I’ve done my story it’s only 8 episodes at the moment and it fits the criteria but eveything keeps telling me to go to the writers portal I’ve tried so many times and I just don’t understand and I’m getting really frustater that I don’t want to right anymore so can someone pretty please break it down for me or try to I don’t have access to a computer I just want some help

Definitely the writers portal, as you can do so much more with it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Writers portal hands down.

Definitely writers portal.
It may seem difficult at first, but there’s way more options and ways you can play around with directing.
There are also a ton of guides on the forums, youtube and instagram to help.
I personally find mobile creation really confusing :sweat_smile:

If anything, just use the portal to edit things you couldn’t on your phone. You can add better clothes, better backgrounds, etc

Sorry, that was like no help for your actual question. I didn’t read your whole post.

But if you’re struggling with writers portal, there’s some guides on YouTube that show you how it all works. A lot more helpful than the guides episode provides

Thank you it’s really appreciated also I don’t need to do anymore edititing I’ve flat out editied for the past 3 days and 100% happy with my story my only concern is because I’m on my mobile will I lose anything I put it in the writers portal?

What do you mean by lose anything?

because I’m on my phone if I put my story on writers portal and publish will my story still be on the app and will I still be able to access it once it is up

Oh right… You won’t be able to add from your mobile after you publish, you’ll only be able to test it on your phone.

If you really want to stick with using your mobile, someone made a hack for this. I’ll try and find the link

ooh yes thank you I would really appreciate it as i really want to publish what I have so far on my sorry but I still want to keep writing

Took me the longest time to find it! Hahaha

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