Mobile Creation Story


Hi, I am a new writer here in Episode and I already created a story in my Episode Mobile app but when I logged into the website, I cannot see my story under my account. Is there anyone who could help me how to move the story I created from my mobile app to the website ?

Thanks a lot.


It should be under your stories, you’re gonna have to scroll


Moved to Creator’s Corner :slight_smile:


How will I move it ? Oh my, haha i am so confused.


he moved it for you


In my mobile app ? Or website ?


I moved your thread (this thread) from one section here on the forums to another :slight_smile:


he moved the category for you ; in order to locate your story here’s how to do it:

you’d have to click on “My stories” & scroll if you’re not able to find it.


thanks for helping.

I can see it now but I couldnt find the story i created


How ??? Haha


You click on the pencil to edit your post and category.
When you’re creating a topic make sure to hit that “category” button & place it in the correct category.

If you’re not sure where it belongs I believe there’s threads on here explaining or you can ask @Ryan or @Jeremy for help


Oh wow, thanks !


No problem. If all your questions have been answered then just put, “@Ryan or @Jeremy please close this thread” you do that whenever a problem you have is solved :wink:


Feel free to read this handy dandy tutorial that explains where most posts belong on the forums. It should have a lot of answers to your questions :slight_smile:


Okay but I dont know how hehe