Mobile Creation Update Ideas!

As quite a few of you may know, Mobile Creation on the Episode app is…in need of updating…

Don’t get me wrong, I love being able to make stories on Episode, but I feel as though we need updates. So here’s my list of update ideas:

• I believe we need more clothes for our characters! There’re some beautiful outfits on computers and laptops when people make Episode stories on them, why not some on Mobile Creation???

• Also, it would be nice to be able to make our own outfits with the t-shirts, dresses, skirts, and more that we see on laptops and stuff. Then we could make really cute and cool outfits and save them for use in our stories!

• I’d love it if we were able to use different styles of characters. As in; Limelight, Ink, and Classic ( personally I hate Classic but that’s just my opinion! ). I really like Limelight, yet unfortunately I can’t use it to make Episode stories.

• I think it’d be great if those of us without laptops/computers to make stories ( and people who’d like to make stories on Mobile Creation who DO have a computer/laptop! ) could have way more animations for the characters! We’re ‘missing’ quite a few… I’d REALLY love to see them all in Mobile Creation, especially a few of the hidden animations just for fun!

• Lastly, it’d be fab to have more customization options for our Mobile Created characters! I’ve noticed we don’t have some of the hairstyles and stuff… For example; the Clown Pigtails hairstyle and Ponytail Locs hairstyle. There’re stuff like different types of eyes and noses, and this is only female I’m talking 'bout!

There, that’s all the stuff I think we need in Episode’s Mobile Creation! Comment below what you think needs updated on Mobile Creation too! Chances are, it’s something that’s slipped outta my mind while writing this and I’ll probs kick myself when I remember it for not putting it in this!

Goodbye guys!


Oh snap, I’ve forgotten to add that we need props. :frowning:


Hi! Please review the guidelines before creating suggestion threads:

Thanks :v:t2:

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