Mobile creation


Hi Guys!
Has anyone created a story by solely using their phone?
I noticed the mobile creation button but the layout is confusing to me.
Most of the time, I’ll just use the computer to write but, it would be nice to make use of the feature…I just don’t know how.

Any tips on how to use it?


Hello! I know I have! It’s quite easy actually, in fact I find it easier than creating a story on the computer. If you go to the create tab on your phone, there will be a section where you can find tutorials on mobile creation below your playable stories. I believe there is three of the tutorials. All of them are videos that teach you how the layout works and they include help on how to do outfit changes, and such. I hope this helps! :relaxed:


Yeah, that was very helpful. Thanks! :slight_smile: There are also YouTube tutorials for the creation as well. I have viewed some.


Thanks, I’ll look it over. I know the last time I looked at them, i was so confused and gave up. That was a couple months ago. But, I will try it again. :smile:


Oh snap! You’re so right! I never even thought of using youtube. I actually have in the past (especially Joseph Evans videos) but forgot about using it for episode. My brain is wayward. Thanks for the tip! :smile:


Youre welcome :slight_smile:


I have! It is called “The Girl From Neptune”. It is not very good.


I have to check it out, it can’t be that bad. :wink:


Omg! Thank you!


Moved to Episode Fan Community as it’s an episode-specific post. Carry on! :v:


I looked up your story, and i really like the idea. I know that it has no choices because it was created on mobile and it was created when choices weren’t added, but it isn’t bad!
Using mobile is really simple, i think writers portal is quite hard. But how did you manage to publish it when you made it on mobile?


So, I checked out your story. Honestly, it’s not that bad. It’s a good story line! I was a bit confused with the characters movement.
I see what you were saying with the directing. :blush: I have a question though, you created it by mobile. Can you continue writing episodes on the computer?


I can! Do you really like it? I may continue on mobile would you still read? :smiley:


I went on writers portal and published it! Thank you so much, glad you liked!


Heck yeah! Because I’m in need of new stories! :smile:


Lol! :+1::heart_eyes: I’m so glad you like it! I will work on it ASAP! If you want, I can even put you in the story.


No, that’s okay. Just keep improving and I’ll keep reading. :smile:


How would you like me to improve? :smile:


So, I made it up to the 5th chapter. I’ll definitely be reading more tomorrow. The directing is the only thing needs a little improving. Especially when it comes to the backgrounds and the people’s size. Still, it’s better than anything I could create. The story itself is great! :smile: That Cinderella kiss took me by surprise. I think that’s what pulled me into the story!


Yay! I’m glad you are intrigued! I will work hard to improve and get more out! Adding choices soon!