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If you’ve been on the app recently you many have notice that the episodes mobile creator is now gone.

  • Episode made this decision about six months ago and they finally implant today into the app.

  • Episode has stated that they don’t have the time or budget to update the mobile creator and writing portal, so they decided to get rid of it to work more on the portal.

  • Most people were happy to see it go, it was hard to use for many; and others just never saw the point of it.

  • Many people have stated that this will cut down on the low-quality stories that are messing up the app.

So I wanted to know what everyone else thinks. Are you happy to see it go, or upset?

What is your opinion?

  • Good riddance
  • Bring it back

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That stuff was pure trash, all of those trashy stories are because of it. Now that it’s gone we’ll have less. Plus it limited our creativity.


I think it would be best to remove the mobile creator but ik it will affect authors who write on mobile. So, start getting a laptop/computer to write.


I agree.


I agree, I hope that episode will make it so you can use writing portal on mobile. You can access the website, but you can’t do anything. It’s impossible, it’s like trying to write on explorer but ten times worst.


not trying to be rude but most of the mobile creator stories weren’t good. there was limited resources so i’m glad it’s gone.


I’m glad to see it go but I feel bad for the people who used it and now can’t


Honestly I agree. Most of their stories were bad, because they didn’t have that many resources. They didn’t even have overlays!


I agree, at lot of people were kinda upset on Instagram.


I couldn’t really care about episode removing the mobile creator because it doesn’t affect me much. And as everyone said, the features of the creator were so limited (character customization, overlays, actions). It’s just best that they got rid of it.


i honestly didnt see the point of it and it just resulted in messy uncreative stories. on the other hand, it sucks not everyone has access to a laptop/computer. i have very limited access to a computer this summer which is one reason why im taking a summer break from writing but also i wouldnt have been able to do much on mobile creator anyway. now that its gone hopefully the episode team can invest time into a seperate writers app with way more features or something, that would be incredible!




I agree. People would try to make stories, but they didn’t have the resources for it. Making an all around messy story.


Tbh it’s whatever… I think I played around with the mc once or twice a few years ago, only to find it kinda confusing lol :woman_shrugging: But this sucks for all the people who used and enjoyed it.


I 100% am behind removing the mobile creator. You could hardly do anything with it at all, and it’ll weed out the poorly-directed mobile creator stories.


I’d say bring it back but an improved version. I would go into detail but then I’d just be reiterating what has already been said. I’ve never used it but it upsets me that people who write stories on mobile creator are now unable to finish. Whether I liked the stories they made or not, a lot of them enjoyed writing those stories and don’t have access to a computer. If it was up to me the creator would have stayed up


For me, I just used the mobile creator for putting down ideas. Overall I didnt hate the mobile creator jusg wished it had been better. Like for example using overlays and your own backgrounds.

But I wished the could make a version of the web portal on the app so we could write there. Cause I only have some access to a computer.


I didn’t know about them getting rid of it. Cause I was on vacation and just got back. :joy: But thanks for tagging me!


No problem.

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