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I agree, it’s just sad that you can only write on a computer. I don’t think mobile creator was the right choice. But yeah, I wish that we could have an app or just be able to actually use the portal on mobile.

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I agree! I wish they didn’t make it too new-user-friendly and gave us more things to do! It had so much potential, I would definitely use mobile app creator only if I could also switch between portal to tidy up the code.

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Yeah, I wish it was just the portal but on an app. That way it would be so much more practical.

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Agreed. I tried using it once and found it hard to use. The Writer Portal made more sense to me.


It was still something.

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It definitely was, but personally (and along with a bunch of other people), it lacked a lot to make something truly amazing.

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Although many may say that they are glad it’s gone because of its lack of many things, I disagree, even though I did have limited supplies on it, I like to make stories where I can see what’s going on, not writing a script out, I don’t even care if nobody sees them it’s fun for me

I agree. I feel as if the mobile creator was a broken system. We don’t need the mobile creators back, we need a better compromise.

And creating topics about how upset you are, isn’t doing anything. I wish people would just be mature, and understand that episode as a company made a choice about their app.



I think it’s pointless for making actual stories. However, I am sad that it’s gone because my boyfriend and I would always mess around and make memes on the mobile creator. We had so much fun making Episode memes with the mobile creator at school. But now we can’t mess around making Episode memes. And now when I have an idea for one, I have to wait until I get home to use the portal.


I think it was a bad idea because how about then people who don’t have laptops and computers to create a story

Okay on the flip side; don’t you think people who used the mobile creator were tired of not getting updates. It took episode so long just to give them choices, which was so hard to use.

Don’t you think they deserve better than the mobile creator?


I want it back! I didn’t use it to create real stories to publish, I used it all the time just for fun. It was easy and you can just use your imagination!

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Yes and no. I used it all the time just for fun though when I had random ideas I wanted to play out. If you don’t want it don’t use it. that’s all i’m saying. Like if you don’t like it don’t use it but people who did like it like I do then they should let them have it, yk?

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Is it’s anything to you, I recommend you check out this thread: UPDATE: A Better Mobile Experience for the Writer Portal

I would honestly just like it if they’d bring it back all together. I don’t see why they don’t.

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the thing is they say nothing about the portal in the app tho I had to find out after 2 years of pressing share on mobile creator thinking my story would be published

Or, I know people would hate this but remove the portal and put it all in the app! My God this, this only and idiot (sry) would object I know coding is not easy but I mean I would much rather prefer drag and drop to coding

I disagree, just because we have a different device doesn’t mean we should have less right than you to create stories.

Plus, it’s gone now.