Mobile creator no longer lets me update my story

Hi everyone,

So I basically wrote a story called “The widow next door” episode 1 using the iPhone mobile creator. I then went to check it on the episode website in which I did, using my MacBook laptop.

After I checked it all and fixed it, i went back to my mobile to write episode 2 which I prefer writing it on with my iPhone cause it’s easier and quicker for me. Although when i went back it had gone through as “Playable stories” not “Editable stories” meaning it will I guess, no longer let me continue the story using iPhone and so I have to update using the laptop which I don’t like cause previously when I tried writing stories I struggled so much.

My question is am I able to find a way to update episode 2 of my story using iPhone again, because if not this will really suck and I think episode needs a new update where we can and also are able to delete old previous stories that we don’t want.

Chanel Ferris.

This may be of interest to you:

Good luck! :black_heart:

Thank you so much, for the quick reply! This is my first time using forum, so that was quick ! :smiley:

It is disappointing that we aren’t able to continue it but making a copy of a story is actually a good idea and the link/tag you sent me is very helpful! Thank you JemU776!

Chanel Ferris

No problem :wink:

JemU776 :black_heart:

Hi everyone again ! HAHAH

So this is so freakin annoying, I was doing episode 2 cause I’m using JemU776 idea from the link and well I just created my character 1 second ago and when i went to get the character I needed, it changed to a whole different character. UGH this honestly pisses me off! and I know as well people are experiencing hair changes or no story shown because this happens to me as well.

Chanel Ferris