MOBILE CREATOR please update

I’m really wondering how come Limelight gets more update than Ink…when r they going to update the mobile Creator, no New backgrounds, or new things added to it at all. It would be nice to have a big category of clothing to choose from or backgrounds and why can’t Limelight be added to mobile Creator.

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INK is no longer being continued, Limelight is the only thing Episode is focusing on. It takes a lot of work to shift everything over to mobile creator and I do not believe that enough people use it to make it so it would be worth updating with every update, as many people who use mobile creator end up moving over to PC creator. :woman_shrugging:

Ooohh I c… wow thanks so much for telling me I’m new to the forums and so I posted a few times… it sucks but I do understand. It would be cool though if they did update and keep ink going though

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INK seems to be discontinued. Hopefully it’s not. As for mobile creation using LL, the support team said they would ‘pass on the information and try to get it implemented in the future.’

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Would u by chance know if they ever are going to add anything new to movioe creator? Such as backgrounds maybe? Oh thank u by the way for replying to this…it’s hard playing a game and not knowing what’s going on with it especially when u love it

It’s unlikely. They’re more likely to be attempting more mobile features with Limelight right now. Maybe when that’s finished they’ll consider backgrounds?

People will no longer be able to use INK, like how it happened with CLASSIC. Limelight will probably be taking over episode now and it’ll be coming to mobile creators too. I honestly don’t like it when a style becomes obsolete, like when CLASSIC was gone I was sad because there were some great stories in classic and now we can’t use that style. But limelight isn’t so bad if they let us use all the new features.

:frowning: I wasnt around when CLASSIC was going on but it sucks to hear that INK will be following that same road and not being used anymore…I think it’s great to have DIFFERENT style choices in games so this truly makes me sad and not want to play Episode anymore. I USE Mobile Creator only because I have no laptop or computer :frowning: so this sucks for me