Mobile portal not showing my story?

So I made a new story and I’ve been trying to view it on the mobile app. It isn’t appearing in “My Stories” in the create section. I wanted to know if anyone knew any possible fixes before I send a help ticket. I’ve already tried reinstalling, resigning in, and refreshing the app. Help please!


this happened to me, turns out i needed at least 3 episodes for it to show up, and about 100 lines in the third one? i don’t know if this is a thing but it worked for me

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dang. did you need 100 lines in episode 1 & 2 as well or was it just episode 3?

i’m pretty sure i had <50 lines in ep 2, but for ep 3 i kinda just typed some random dialogue and hit enter all the way and typed more dialogue

I just tried and it worked! Huh weird. Thanks tho!

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