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Hello fellow episode readers and writers, this is my first time on the forum page so I apologize in advanced if this is in the wrong category. I am trying to write my first story, I’ve been doing basically all of it on my mobile phone because I have absolutely no clue how to do it on the computer. I’ve been having an issue lately all of the characters I have created for my story have all completely disappeared when I click on the characters button. And so I’ll re-design the characters but if I leave the story I have been editing and come back to it later to edit it more the characters are gone once again! I have no idea if its just my phone or an issue with episode. Has anyone else had this problem? Any feedback would be great!


Had the same problem. Ended up using a computer (very much complicated with coding). I have no advice for you. But I do wish they would fix it

Hey there @LittleSatan, Sydney the Mod here! :smiley: Welcome to the forums! (and yes, this is the correct category :wink: )

I’ve seen this problem cropping up several times from different users. Not sure myself how it’s fixed, but I’d suggest submitting a ticket to the support team; they’d be happy to help! :smiley:

Let me know if you have any questions about the forums or submitting tickets. :wink:

Trust me, coding on a computer is hard at first but when you get the hang of its really easy and will be so much fun to code on. Watch Joseph Evans on youtube for tutorials! :hugs:

Thank you for the advice!! :grin: and I definitely will have to, I started checking out some tutorials I’m still slightly confused. Lol

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Thank you bunches!

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