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I miss the mobile writer’s portal! It did all the coding for you so all you really needed to worry about was your story and then some touch ups once you were going to publish through your computer! I get that with Ink and Limelight it’s made it harder to keep up with the mobile portal, but for those of us who can’t, hate, or just suck at coding this made it so we could still get our stories out!

I honestly didn’t even care that I couldn’t choose between Ink or Limelight… I was just happy that the majority of the coding was done for me! I wish this feature would be brought back! Even with limited option in mobile because you can always alter everything you want went you finish on the computer.


Hey Leckus,

To be honest I don’t miss it. Yes, it’s a shame you can’t use writers portal every where anymore (than only on your laptop or desktop). But at the other side, it irritated me to spot the characters on that little screen and I remember the max lines you could write on the mobile writers portal was 100 lines or 400 lines. So, I had 22 episodes for a story that has now 7 episodes. And yes I get coding sucks. It took me a while to get the most basic of coding. But after a lot of irritating I get it now. If you take the time, watch Joseph Evans-tutorials, use the templates of Dara Amarie, join R4R’s on this forum, ask for reviews and feedback at this forum, ask for help over here and promote over here, on instagram and/or Facebook (or other social media), you get there as a starting author. :wink:

Love A-W

Yeah I get that part of the frustration too… but I would always fix that kind of stuff after I got my basics down, which made the coding a lot easier.

And it’s not that i don’t know how to code really, it’s more that I lost one of my pointer fingers to a blood clot a couple of years ago so my typing in general has drastically slowed down, and even it being a few years ago it’s still not easy to lose something that is literally in constant use, even when we don’t realized it. Texting the story through the phone however, hasn’t been affected so I don’t get as frustrated doing it that way as I do when I try in the computer.


Oh I get what you mean, girl. I started writing on the phone (3 or 4 years ago) and started writing on the portal 2 years ago and now I am used to write on the desktop. For my typing in general slowed down, too. So, I feel you in that way. For me it takes me a week to get one episode done, lately. :woman_facepalming: (I don’t know if it’s the weathers fault or my age :laughing: :laughing:)

Lol I feel the same way about age and whether! But the reason I want it back is because of the loss of my pointer finger… I can still type but I went from 75+ wpm to basically poking at it like a chicken! So if I’m not frustrated already with my story (OCD is a wonderful thing lol), Then I’m definitely frustrated with how slow I type because I’m typing as If the finger is still there, so I spend most of my time redoing it a million times!

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