~~MockingJay's Cover Art And Splashes~~

Hello! Most of you probably don’t know me from the old forums. I’m usually in the role play section, (lol.)
I do slashes SUPER quick, and they are efficient. If you need a splash, check the rules, and fill out the form below!


~You have to credit me in your story. These splashes may be quick, but I do put work in them.
~You can ask for a redo! As many times as you’d like until you’re satisfied.
~Please don’t keep asking “Is it done?” “Are you doing my splash?” “When will you finish?” No. Just don’t.
~Remember, to do the splash, I need details.
~If you need you’re splash in two days, and someone else needs it by tomorrow, I’ll do their’s first.
~Be kind!
~I’ll reply if your request was accepted.

Copy and paste this one on this thread!


Type Of Splash:

"Vibe of Your Splash":

Characters: (If so, PM me):

Any font? (Bold, Italic, Times New Roman, etc):

When do you need it?:

Any specifics?

Do you Agree to my rules?:

Thank you~

Examples: Click meee

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do you have any examples? :))

Yes, actually!
They’ll be up soon… :blush:

Are you going to put examples up yet? I just want to see them before I ask.

Examples are already up!

Oh woops, I didn’t see your whole post, sorry!!

That’s fine!

Um so I went to request and it says that I need Permission to fill out the form. I think something is messed up.

op, Ill check that now.


It’s not working ;-;
You can just copy and paste the form.

I can’t, won’t even let me access the forms. Just pops up a screen with a “Need Permission”

This one.

Alright. I might request depending if any response from some else pops up.

[quote=“MockingJay, post:14, topic:1332”]

Type Of Splash: Thanks for watching

Characters: (If so, PM me):

can you put the text on here please just on the top of the picture (where the bun is its ok if it overlaps)

Any font? (Bold, Italic, Times New Roman, etc): 3D like this
When do you need it?:
anytime really but the sooner the better

Any specifics?
Text on top of the drawing

Do you Agree to my rules?:

Your request has been accepted!

Isn’t that someone else’s work?? (I am not trying to be rude) But I don’t know if you asked the maker of that drawing before you used it. Just a tip: Don’t steal other people’s stuff.

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I’m not sure exactly. I’m assuming it’s @AshleyB’s own picture since she’s the one who sent it to me. If it’s someone else’s, I’ll take it down right now.

Thank you for the tip!

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Your welcome! You don’t want to be sued or something worse just bc of an image!

I just found the person who really drew it, Girly M. I don’t know if the requester got permission to use this photo, so I’ll take it down.

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