Model form 🔒 / opinions on my edit

Hey guys, just wanted to show you my first edit ever!! And I want to see your opinions please :heart:

Secondly :

I need some characters to practice on so if you are interested fill this form

My IG if you want to see more: storiesbym_ (I follow back the people who support me :heart:)


I love it, it’s so cute! I’ll give you a follow on Instagram :wink:
I’m going to fill in the form for you to practice, but I have a question; If you decided to use my deets, can I see the edit? I’m always so curious :relaxed:


Yes you can of course thats why , im saying in the forms you must be following me , to see the edits , I can send it on forums here but many people don’t have forums so instagram is the only way :heart:


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I filled out a form!

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Thank you so much :heart:

Oh no problem!

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positive things:

  • this edit is amazing for a beginner. the quality of it is just :heart_eyes:
  • the outline is sooo clean
  • the soft lighting on the hair is fitting, considering how it’s in line with the light source

negative things:

  • the details look rough. maybe you could blend them or add a blur to make the edit look more realistic?
  • the character’s overall lighting doesn’t match the background’s lighting. maybe consider adding a filter so that the character fits in more?
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First thank you so much :heart:

Second , I don’t understand what do you mean by the details look rough?:thinking:

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I also don’t understand what do you mean by the character lighting ? (Sorry I’m stupid :joy::woman_facepalming:t3:)

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  • by “details”, i mean the strokes that you added on one arm, the collarbones, the cheekbones, and the nose.
  • and by “character lighting”, i meant how the character doesn’t blend in with the background and just looks like a pasted-on png. however, this can easily be fixed with a filter. filters play a huge part in lighting and really make edits come to life. photoshop allows you to adjust brightness, contrast, exposure, curves, etc, so i would definitely recommend it. but if you’re looking for a free alternative, vsco also works.
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Ohh okay thank you for explaining and I’m working on a new edit and I’ll try to fix all of this in my new edit :revolving_hearts:

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Guys model from are closed I have 7 characters, when I finish I’ll take more thanks to everyone who filled the forms to help me :heart: but still I want to hear more options on my first edit :woman_cartwheeling:t4:

Hii! Your edit looks good, very clean! Good job!

It’s true that your character doesn’t really blend in. The easiest way to do it is adding proper lighting.

You have to first find the light source, which is in this case is the sun. I roughly outlined where you can add light, so that she blends in. Then you can add shadows in the front. At the end using filters will make it even better.

Rough outline

I hope it helps you out!

Guys is that what you mean by adding fillter??

@riz.writess @rubywrites ??

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kind of. a stronger filter would look better on this kind of photo, but what you did works :woman_shrugging:

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Okay thanks :purple_heart:

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Hey guys what do you think of my new edit??


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I feel like the filter/edit/lighting on the skin made it look too saturated and too warm (and since the background has a blue light on top, it’d make the edit better if there some outermost parts of the character has a light reflected from it)

great job for working on it though :>


Thank you so much :blue_heart::sparkles: