Model INC ~ RP sign ups

Lyla is Approachable at the school

You can also have one of your characters join our coffee hangout ~

Should I just join the Rp?

yea, we would love for you to join us at McCaffree’s!

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I know this sounds dumb but how do you check face claims and how do you know anything about the dorms?

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Hey! As all the girl characters are taken (And I don’t want to take my character as Alia) I request you to give me another name: Heather.

  • Username: Heather Winters
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 19
  • Bio: Love the colour, Black
    Mysterious & Scary stuff
    Brave & Adventurous & takes risks
    Has a “thing” for Cats & Chocolates
  • Background: Born in a Rich family (But not a spoiled bratty person)
  • Personality: Brave & adventurous
    Short Tempered
    Hard Working
    Scary (When Angry)
    Patience Level 25%
  • Face Claim:


  • Other:
    Subjects: Photography, Fashion, Make-Up, Hair, Modeling, Catwalk
    Dream Job: Super Model

@Maya_Reihnard Welcome to Model INC ~
Do you want to join our coffee hangout?

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You can just be in the shop or walk in. My character has already ordered ~

I’ll add you to the fcs since I made them either today or tomorrow depending on if my chromebook decides to charge