Model(s) Needed For Sad Edit and Other Edits

I need a model or a few because I wanna make a sad edit. I tried to get models on Insta but no one sent me their deets. It’s not guaranteed that you’ll be the model. I’m only doing Ink so no Limelight details are needed.

If you want to be my model comment below:

  • Your Ink details (I will alter some things and pose and outfit is my choice)

  • If you have Insta leave that too or a way to credit you.

  • Do you want me to send you the finished product?

  • Something interesting or that might make me want you as my model.

I might do males too so anyone is welcome to try and me a model. I also might do more than 1 model/ 2 person or more edit.

My Insta is epy.bby_nae and feel free to tag others if you want or leave suggestions for my edit should look like or whatnot.

I will now use this so that whenever I need models I’ll already have them but for now I only need models for a sad edit.


Hi :slight_smile: Here is my detail:

Body: light
Brow: defined natural
Face: round
Eyes: upturned brown
Hair: long straight hair brown
Nose: soft natural
Lips: classic scarlet

Insta: @HopeFrvr

And yes, if you choose me I would like to receive the final product :slight_smile:

I don’t know what might be interesting about me but I’m a fan of Games of thrones :woman_shrugging::hugs:

Good luck in your research :hibiscus:

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My insta is @/turtle.epy

Yes please!! I’d love to see it!!

Hmmmm… I like Oreos.:joy::joy:

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:joy: Me too

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I play alot of games :joy:

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Sorry I made a mistake :sweat_smile:

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No worries lol. I actually haven’t watched any of it bc I’m more into competitions and live tv.

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Hey i would love to be a model :hugs:

Here is my Charakter Details :blush:

Sadly i dont have instergram , but you could just credit me in my Episode Name :two_hearts::

Yes, that would be great if you Send me the finished produced :heart:

I like Pizza a lot :joy::pizza:

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Pizza and oreos is life :joy:

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I’m sad and some people should say I need to model… lol so here ya go my queen!

Skin: Light
Lips: Classic (Ruby Red)
Nose: Elven
Eyebrows: Seductive Arch
Hair: Beach Wave (FAwn)
Face: Oval
Eyes: Upturned Bold (Brown)

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Yep i Know :joy:



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I know I am HiLaRiOuS

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Corgi you really are a queen :joy:

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Well also I don’t really have a set date for when I wanna start my edit or pick my model(s) but I’m thinking I’ll start on Wednesday or Thursday,

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I love how much that cdb describes your personality :joy::revolving_hearts:

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Thanks! as you can tell I love my donuts :doughnut: I am the queen of donuts after all :crown:

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I’m actually gonna change this so whenever I need models I’ll have them but the sad edit will be the first edit I make with you models.

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If I get picked, Yes please I would appreciate it if you send me the finish product.

Something Interesting…um I’m actually very nice but people always think I’m a bitch because of a my face and my attitude…I don’t know