Models needed! (CLOSED)

Hey guys! I want to practice editing but I need models!! Leave your details down below along with the pose and outfit you want (custom outfits available as long as they’re not too complicated)!

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I have male and female. Choose whichever one works best for you!:grin:


Ok thanks!!

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Thank you!

Np girly

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Thank you!!

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I’ve finished your edit and I hope you like it! Also please leave your Instagram below so I can credit you as the model! :blush:


Wasn’t sure which version you would prefer so I added both. Your artwork is really amazing by the way.

Skin- Olive
Eyes- Upturned bold (blue/green)
Eyebrows- defined natural
Hair- unstyled faux hawk (fawn)
Nose- elven
Mouth- classic (blush)
Face- round

Skin- gold 02
Eyes- round downturned wide (blue/green)
Hair- punk pixie (medium warm brown)
Eyebrows- arched thick style (dark brown)
Face- round soft
Nose- round button
Lips- full heart pouty (beige gold matte)

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Thank you :purple_heart: