Modern Apartment Bathroom Background

I was wondering if someone has a modern apartment bathroom background in day & night version. I need the bg for a male character, so it shouldn’t have any girlish things in it (And they shouldn’t equal the official episode bgs!).

Thanks in advance!

Hey you! There are great apartment background at
Hope it helps you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I can search for more if you need to.

Thanks, but I’ve already searched for the backgrounds there but I haven’t found anything appropriate :sweat_smile:

I’ll search and send you some links then!

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Hope these are the ones you r looking for!

Yes, thank you!
Who should I credit?

There are saved on my pinterest! Don’t know the creator :frowning_face:
I am glad it helped!

I don’t think that I’m allowed to use them… :confused:
But thanks for your help anyway! :hugs:

Hi @v.h_episode well you may check out my drive and if you use any of them credit me on my Instagram @orangeweedie.episode and read the rules first please :heart:

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I found a solution, but thanks anyway!

@Sydney_H please close this thread!

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: