Modern Day Princess Contest


Hey everyone and welcome to the unofficial official Modern Day Princess Art Contest!!!
What is this contest?

The object is to make an edit of a princess with a modern day twist! First, you make an episode character of that princess, then, you take a scene from the movie or story and you recreate it as art!! The difference is, the princesses have to look like they would in 2018 instead of whatever year they are from.

For example

Cinderella sweeping the floors in her house! A modern twist could be her wearing shorts and a tshirt, and looking at her phone while having the broom in her hand. Or it could be Moana taking a picture of the ocean!


1st place:
Character in all the judge’s stories
Shoutout on Instagram
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Get to judge in next contest

2nd place:
shoutout on Instagram
shoutout on forums
Get to be a judge in next contest
3rd place:
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Due date

In 2 weeks

Any questions??

Contact any of the judges!!!

Summer Time Romance :heart: **ART CONTEST-OPEN**
Wanna join my contest
Modern Day Princess Contest wanna join

Can I be a judge


we have enough judges lol but you can participate!


Yea. Sorry


OK I am gonna work on my entry


k adding u too the list


I’ll enter if I can…


Of course




thx for entering and good luck


How is ur entry going


Thanks, is it okay if I do two like mashed up into one…
(I’m doing Anna and Elsa.)


Of course I LOVE ANNA AND ELSA my sis makes me watch it a lot


Lol great!




Hi! I decided to create the scene from the “The Princess And The Frog” where Tiana is teaching the prince how to dice mushrooms. Now since they were frogs in that scene, I decided to turn them to humans. The modern twist is that Tiana is teaching the prince how to use Instagram (zoom in on the phone) instead of diceing food. I also changed up the hair styles and such to make it look more like the modern-styles we have today, but kept the iconic green that the movie shows.

I hope that’s ok! xx

Original From Movie:

My Episode Human Version:

This contest is lovely, thanks for creating it!


Omg so cuteeee @AngelinaTheUnicorn and @AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE
You guys like it


No problem


I’m also competing.


kk can’t wait to see what u made