Modern Office Background with Overlays

Can you guys please tell me where I can find a background shop that is open if one of you can how I can get this
or something similar drawn and with the overlays. I will give credit. Thank you


So you’re looking for a drawn background? For free?

It doesnt have to be drawn it can be edited I want this to be my main characters office but Episodes doesnt have a background like this. I am looking for it to be free though

Well where did you find that background reference?

That is a picture from google. Does that mean it would have to be drawn?

So basically you’re just looking for a modern office background for free?


With the overlays so I can make my characters sit down behind the desk etc.

They have a bunch of office backgrounds in the catalog.
Here’s a different one:

Thats nice. Where did you find that from.

Don’t remember :sweat_smile:
I found it in my drive. Maybe unsplash?

Im sorry im new to episodes I dont understand what is a unsplash? Also when trying to pick a background how do I get it to where episodes would agree to it.

Unsplash is a website where you can find copyright free backgrounds.
Just upload it under your backgrounds tab in the catalog.

Oh and then I can use them and still go to someone to get my overlays for it.


Do I have to credit anyone

If you find someone to cut out your overlays, then yes, if they ask for credit.

Okay thank you.

@Sydney_H Can you please close this thread

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: