Modern School Cafeteria Overlays needed!

Hey! I’ve been searching EVERYWHERE for some overlays for this Cafeteria Background! I’m looking for all the Table overlays, the Metal Bar overlay that is behind the two tables, and the Cafeteria Buffet Bar overlay! Does anyone know someone who has created these, or does anyone have the time to make some? :slight_smile: I would really appreciate it, and of course credit will be given in my story and on Instagram <3 :slight_smile:

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That looks like one of their hidden backgrounds…


I found this background on another forum, and I really wanted to use it for my story! What does that mean, if it is hidden?

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It basically means we can’t use it because it’s kind of unreleased (sort of) and only allowed to be used in Episode’s stories. It may not be, but I’d wait for someone else to confirm or deny.


Awh! :frowning: Okay, thank you for clarifying! I’ll use the regular ones on Episode for the time being!

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