Modest Hijabi Friendly Outfit Ideas (Also Including Niqabs)


That’s also true.







What hairstyle did you use? Kinda looks like my mom, a bit


She doesn’t have a hairstyle she’s just bald, none of the hijab styles work with hair your can always see it


I honestly thought the Shaved Sides would work


Maybe I haven’t tried that one! I just always go with bald though since I know I don’t have to worry about that one if the character like moves or something or when they turn around


Yeah, check it out. It works for me.


I love the black outfit! I used that one on my Muslim character


I’ve got a few suggestions! If you want to use them in your story, it’d be nice to be given credit because they took me ages. :grin: (Episode forum name on Episode forums).

(I have a version of some Muslim characters with their hair down, that’s why there’s hair poking through, Episode used the wrong version.) (Also, some clothes expose skin during certain animations, sorry :frowning:)

  1. Hijab
  2. Hijab
  3. Niqab
  4. Niqab


Thank you for this! I have a bit of a question it made me think about actually:

My character, Miriam, wears a hijab, but the school uniform for my story includes the Sweater Vest Striped Collared Tie Shirt Cotton Grey White. The sleeves are slightly rolled up. I always knew that she should have her legs covered up, but I don’t really know what to do about uniforms! Could anyone help? Thanks!


She will be able to wear it even though it’s rolled up. In the words of a fellow Muslim :blush:


Thanks for the helo! I was really worried about that! I suddenly couldn’t remember what my Muslim friends did on hot days when I was in school xD


Thank you, this gives me lots of new ideas! So I saw you mentioned Cheerleader outfits on another page. Would you just put a undershirt with the top and leggings for the bottom as well?


My friend (who wears a hijab) and I came up with this, based on her favorite outfit.


Looks good, I will keep this outfit in mind when I make the character.


What do you think? Her name is Abiha.


As a fellow Muslim…I Love her and her outfit! It’s cute! :relaxed:


Thank you!


It’s so cute! Can I use it in my book? It’s called Rains In Chicago, and I need more outfits for my “best friend” character.


If you need help with outfits, here’s my thread to help you: Clothing Representation on Muslims