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Recently, I’ve been writing my story. It’s going well but my only thing is why is there a MINIMUM of modest outfits? Don’t get me wrong the outfits that Episode provides are cute and all. But personally I’d love some longer skirts. Maybe even some shirts without cleavage showing. Y’all can hate me on this but at then end of the day this is my opinion and you have the right to agree or disagree :upside_down_face:!

Btw I have seen like 2 long skirts and I mean there are long dresses but there’s cleavage as well! Nothing wrong with cleavage but my character doesn’t wear revealing outfits :hugs:.

Much love!


What y’all think?


I think it would be a great idea! On top of what you mentioned about personal preference, not all characters are teens with hot bods. I don’t know a single grandma or kindergartener that wears tight clothes and short skirts so it’d be great if episode could make clothes for people of different age groups too.


This one killed me :joy: I agree but there some abuelas (grandmas) who be trying to look young. Anyways I agree with what you said. I really would love some modest outfits.


Yeah it’s really hard to create modest outfits but even with teenage characters I just feel uncomfortable to put them in outfits that reveal a lot of cleavage.


:rofl: glad I could make you laugh

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Agreed they’re just in high school

Edit: I be wearing sweats and a t-shirt to school :joy:


Bump :eyes:

We have a show in the Netherlands hotter than your daughter
It has like 7 seasons and is basically about (grand)mother dressing trashy in tight revealing clothing.
And a relative that wants to give them a make under so they exist :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

But I agree we need more modest outfits



I definitely agree with this in my story some of characters dresses modest as well i try to layer the dress long a sleeve shirt. It’s hard to make good and keep them being modest

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Agreed, although there are long dresses they show cleavage. Nothing wrong with that but not my vibe to my character.

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