Mona Art Shop! - *CLOSED*

I have been recently getting pretty good at creating covers/splashes, so I thought I’d open a shop to share to share my work with you. The items I create are completely free for the person who requested it to use. If you are just here to steal other people’s requested work, you are not welcome here and I suggest you leave now. To make sure you read all of the rules, there are passwords throughout them that are updated once every week. I will only answer your request if you have both passwords (one in the rules section and one in the requesting section). There are some rules to follow when requesting.


  1. Rejections.
    I have the right to reject your request if it is too hard for me to do, or I don’t have the time. If it is the second reason, I will inform you and you’ll have to request later, when the shop reopens. If I do reject your request, I will PM you and let you know.

  2. Do not rush me.
    I shouldn’t take too long to finish your request, but if I take longer than you expected me to take and remind me, there is a possibility that I will reject your request. If it takes a few days for me to complete it, I give you consent to tag me in a reply to your request and then I should hopefully remember that you have requested and I need to finish it.

  3. No mean/hurtful comments.
    If you post anything mean or hurtful, you will be automatically rejected.

  4. Give credit to me.
    I will have worked very hard on your request, and I expect you to credit me. I do the work so you don’t have to. When giving credit, please credit my Instagram, @mona.episode.

  5. Do not steal other’s requests.
    Like I said before, the items I create are completely free for the person who requested it to use. If you are just here to steal other people’s requested work, you are not welcome here and I suggest you leave now.

  6. Graphic hopping.
    Don’t request in other shops before coming to mine. It’s completely disrespectful, for the other artists and me.

  7. Questions/Issues.
    If you have any questions or issues you would like to say, do not hesitate to contact me on either my instagram, @mona.episode, or PM me.

  8. Re-dos.
    If you want a redo, tell me. If you are not happy with your request, tell me. I will redo it. But, you only get three redos. After you have used your third redo, sorry, but I can’t help you. Either use one of the previous ones I made you, or go to another shop.

  9. Requests.
    You get as many requests as you want, and if you request more than 3 times, you will be tagged as a loyal customer. If your request is rejected, you can still request again. But, if you request three times and they all get rejected, I will not do your future requests.

  10. Time.
    This is a very important one for me, because I am only able to reply and acknowledge your requests a few hours of the day. I am busy from 6am-4:30pm weekdays, British time. And, during British nights, because I sleep too! Do not expect me to reply during this time of day! I am free almost all day on weekends.

How to Request

So, I feel that this topic is very important to discuss. If your request does not follow the rules of requesting, I will not complete your request.

  1. Being specific.
    I would very much appreciate it if you be specific in your request. It is not helpful if you put something like: “I want something like a girl and a guy kissing, but I don’t know anything else about what I want.” That does not help me whatsoever. I need the background, character placement and scenery. In one of the covers I created for myself, there was a girl in prison, in a prison jumpsuit, behind bars kissing a man through the bars and they were in the centre of the screen. I would write that: “I would like a girl in a jail cell behind bars kissing a man through the bars outside the cell.”
    Always remember to be specific!
    Also, please send me a picture of the animations you want with the exact position and point of animation!

  2. Character Details and Outfits.
    Please, please, please write down character details and outfits! It makes my job so much easier. Write it down similar this:
    “I would like my cover to be in ink/limelight. These are my character details and outfits:
    Hair colour:
    Eye colour:
    Lip colour:
    Thank you very much!”

For outfits, you can screenshot your character with the outfit on, or the outfit in the clothes section in the portal.
Do not forget to state the character style.

  1. Manners!
    Always remember your manners, too! They are a part of everyday lifestyle, and I will really appreciate it if you are kind and say please and thank you!

Those are all of the rules for requesting, because I covered most of them in the first rule.

Requesting Layout

Now, this is the layout that would help me a lot to follow.

Title: (Title of your story)
Author Name: (Your name)
Character Artstyle: (Classic, Ink, Limelight)
Character Details: (Read How to Request)
Character Outfits: (The outfits you want your characters to wear on the cover)
Character Placement: (Centre, left, right)
Fonts: (What font you want your name and title to be in)
Subtitle: (Any subtitle/blurb you want to have and where to put it)
Ideas for cover: (REMEMBER TO BE SPECIFIC)


Thank you for following this layout!

Some of My Creations

This is some of my work that I have created for myself!

Only the first cover is a published story, the others are just practise!



Finished request for @jormary98 !

Finished request for @Epi.Blueberry !


Finished request for @Allie_Diamond_Epy !

Finished request for @Katie_epi !

Finished request for @Random_doggo123 !

Also… if you have any free time and are looking for new stories to read, I’d really appreicate it if you try reading mine!


i don’t need to request anything atm but your cover’s are beautiful, you’re so talented!! x


Thank you so much!


I would like my cover to be in ink. These are my character details and outfits:
Brow:seductive round
Eyes: upturned bold
Eye colour:blue
Lip colour: orange crush
if you could please do me a cover i would appreciate it your covers look awesome
Thank you very much


Here is your finished cover, @jormary98 !
I hope you like it!


i love it thank you


No problem!

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This is a large cover version of your request, if you want one.


Hey are you still taking request


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ok cool I’ll have to give you the details a bit later tho

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Title: Stuck With You
Author Name: epi.blueberry
Character Art Style: INK
Character Details:
Body: Tan
Brow: Seductive Arch
Hair: Straight
Hair colour: Black
Eyes: Upturned Feline
Eye colour: Green
Face: Soft Heart
Nose: Upturned
Lips: Full Round
Lip colour: Terracotta
Body: Tan
Brow: Thin Arch
Hair: Short Cropped Hair
Hair colour: Charcoal
Eyes: Stoic Almond
Eye colour: Blue
Face: Defined Triangle
Nose: Button
Lips: Uneven
Lip colour: Terracotta

Character Outfits

Character Placement: Both In the center
Fonts: font
(No Subtitles)
Ideas for cover: I want the background to be just a bit blurred. And for angel (guy) to have one arm around Alanni. Alanni to have the pose arms_crossed
Background: Garden

Thank You :slightly_smiling_face:

btw you’re work is really good tho :two_hearts:

Thank you! Your description was perfect, thank you so much for that. I will start it tomorrow afternoon because for me it’s starting to get a little late.
I’m not sure I have that exact font though, I’ll see tomorrow. If I don’t, I’ll try and find something similar to it.

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It’s okay take your time I don’t need it right away

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One question… Which zone do you want the cover to be in (if that makes sense)?

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I guessed which zone you’d want it, remember to tell me if you want me to change anything.

There you go!

I couldn’t find an animation that would suit my idea of “arm around her” so I made him have his arm over her shoulder. Hope its okay! :slight_smile:

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I love this so much thank you


Title: Destiny?
Author Name: Alexandra Rose

Character 1:

Character 2:

Pose 1:
Pose 2:
Font Style: Lily Script One
Font Color: Purple

Thank you!
But I can’t see character 1, would you please send the photo again?

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