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Dear Almost Enrolled Student,

3 millenniums (3000) years ago, monsters appeared in Rosiweth Empire. Thousands of people were killed, but the queen survived. She thought the monsters were going to appear once more, so she made the almost completely obliterated kingdom rebuilt into a beautiful academy. She passed the owner of the school to her children, and they passed it on to theirs.
1853, and the school still stands tall-- but the school itself was still little known. People that stutied there were now famous hunters. But some’s names were forgotten and… well, turns out they were enemies. You have been chosen to join! The question is… Will you accept this offer and become a monster slayer expert, or pass it up? Will you be true to the empire or will you finish as a traitor?

                                   Best wishes,

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UPDATE: If anyone wants to be a teacher, you can reserve or sign up right now! ^-^



It would probably be a good idea to post the sign up form too. ^^"


Nighttime here, but I’ll do it in 12 hours :slight_smile:


Oh alrighty.


I just wanted to let you know-- The image for the faceclaim on my slide is incorrect–


I have signed up


Thanks for tagging me! I’ll sign up.




xD is this a joke?


Have you been in an rp before?




Have you been in a roleplay before?






What’s this?




This is a joke… right?


Umm… do you want it to be a joke or not?


This is not how you fill out the signup. Not to be rude, but I think you should read how to signup first?:

@Helpieme after you read this please respond.


The face claim won’t open for me :joy: