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Monsterious High
Congratulations student, we are formally inviting you to be apart of “Monsterious High” due to you being indeed the son/dauther of a famous monster.

Monsterious High is a prestigeous school for the children of famous monsters. We only invite the best of the best. But becareful, Monsterious high is still high school, watch out for drama on every corner.

Here at Monsterious High, we are all about safety. But no one is safe at Monsterious. Every since monsters such as you were discovered, strange creatures called humans have wanted us dead. Will you be able make friends, join a club, graduate with flying colours and still manage to stay alive?

Welcome everyone to my first RP, ‘Monsterious High’! I am so glad all of you have decided to join! Eek, I’m so exited!


  1. If you are going to swear, please use the blur tool or use *'s!
  2. Your chararacter could potentially get kidnapped, If they do, please don’t get mad at me!
  3. No sex scenes, you can say your characters did have sex instead of…you know!
  4. No God Modding and No Perfect Characters.
  5. Your class Scedules and Dormates will be released later on!
  6. Have fun!

Marinette Opera (@IIChanII) - Daughter of The Phantom of the Opera
Gabriel/Flame Hykes (@QueenChid) - Son of the dragon
Deliphine Woods (@CherryTerryBerry) - Dauther of a Faerie
Viola Mournful (@The_Surgeon) - Dauther of A Banshee
Alexus Pritchard (@Surface_Hyena57) - Dauther of a Therianthropic Pachycrocuta/WereHyena
Ben Roque (@Lady-Mehek) - Son of Medusa
Vera Sorento (@Sky_Rose) - Dauther of a Faerie
Harper Sposh (@ReeseTheReallyGrumpy) - Dauther of the Yeti
Violet Black (@Chocolate_Mama) - Dauther of a Siren
Jade Moore (@Ella) - Dauther of the Enchantress
Ashley Stone (@Kate_Potter) - Dauther of a Vampire
Zachary/Zac Reaper (@benitz786) - Son of the Grim Reaper
Thalassa Ofis (@Aohebe_S) - Dauther of a Sea Serpent
Paris Spring (@LadyPhantom) - Dauther of a Werewolf
Ansyn Moray (@TheBluGeek) - Son of the Kraken
Cole Fye (@16AngelCat) - Son of the Vampire
Alexander Jones (@Etherwalker) - Son of a Vampire

When Roleplaying, please don’t only write one sentence. Try to put some detail when RPing!

Shout outs:
@Ella - helped work on the official plot
@EpisodeGirl - inspired the idea of Monsterious High


Ok, first bell, make your character head on over to home room. :slightly_smiling_face:

I took a deep breath as I looked at the school from the parking lot.

Wow, this is actually happening. A school made just for monsters just like me.

I thought. I took out my phone and started taking pictures. Did, I look creepy, yes but did I care, No! After taking about a dozen snaps, I put my phone back into my pocket and smiled. I went up to the door and opened it slowly.

Wow! This looks just like in the movies! I took out my crumpled map from my back pockets and followed all the way to my home room class.


Violet walks through the halls and nods.This is amazing hopefully I meet some new friends…and boyfriends. Violet laughs at her thoughts as she enters her homeroom class. Violet sits in the back towards a window and pulls out her phone.
ORP: Approchable



A new school, new me…well, a different me. If there are really people like me here, whatever that means anymore, it should be interesting.

I head to my homeroom class and get seated. Waiting for anything to happen.

ORP- Approachable



Why was he at school again? He was alone, he could do whatever he wanted, and yet he chose to go to school. What was he thinking? He rolled his eyes at stupid past him and drew a long puff of his cigarette. Oh right. He’d thought it would be a good idea to try and on ‘normal’ things, at least for awhile. Deep inside, he knew he was just afraid of going to school again, afraid of being someplace that reminded him so much of her but he pushed little Gabriel away. The cold expression remained on his face as he strode through the hallways, cigarette in hand.
He stopped in the middle of the hall, looking around. Wait… these are classes 120-135. He swore under his breath, the air around him getting a bit hotter as he grew frustrated with himself. I must’ve gotten lost. And he didn’t feel like wasting his energy to talk to people today. He inhaled angrily on his cigarette, the smoke coming out of his mouth helping to calm him. Whatever. I don’t really need to go to class, do I?

ORP: Approachable.


Alexander “Xander” Jones | School Halls

Xander’s parents insisted on driving him to school that morning. He wouldn’t of let them if they hadn’t withheld the information about where the school was. He sucked it up and got in the back seat of his parent’s car. When he finally got to school he jumped out of the car as soon as he could. “Okay-talk-to-you-later-bye.” He said before slamming the car door shut.

He took a deep breath and ran into school, his backpack slung over his shoulder. He took a map out of his back pocket. When he heard the first bell he made his way to homeroom, on his way he saw a guy smoking.

“Oh, hey.” He gave a slight smile. “You lost? I’ve got a map here and homeroom is just a little ways away.”

Interacting with: Flame
Tags: @QueenChid


ORP: @IIChanII could you PM me my character’s information? I don’t remember his information and FCs aren’t out yet.



Does life hate me. He groaned not-so-softly as he turned around to face the boy. If this were any other occasion, he would’ve blown smoke in his face, but he actually needed to know where the classroom was. Ish. You could always ditch, a little voice reminded him. However, he decided he wanted to make a decent first impression today so he was going to be somewhat civil to this kid. “Yeah. Thanks.” He replied, his voice clipped and a bit unsure from having said thank you. When was the last time he said that? It had to be a thing least 3 years ago.




Alexander “Xander” Jones | School Halls

When the boy groaned, Xander crossed his hands over his chest and narrowed his eyes slightly. He had no idea what he had done to solicit such a response. He was about to start leaving but then the boy said thanks.

“Oh, no problem.” His face relaxed slightly. “Follow me.” He turned and started to walk in the direction of the homeroom class.

“What’s your name anyway?” He asked.

Interacting with: Flame
Tags: @QueenChid
ORP: @QueenChid, can people smell the smoke?


.: Ansyn :.
School. It was the only thought in his mind, repeating over and over again like an anchor. He was excited of course, after all he’d be seeing his friends and his girlfriend again, but it was frustrating knowing he could lash out at any moment. Being the child of a monster who had a tendency to drown ships if they woke him up, it was no surprise he had such a temper.

With a small sigh, he walked in, hands in his pockets as he shook his head. He was still a bit wet from swimming to shore, his parents couldn’t exactly drop him off after all. Land dried their skin out, even in their human forms, so they entrusted Anysn with going there himself. He had made it with little trouble luckily.

Ansyn’s outfit was rather simple today, he hadn’t been in a rush but he was lazy. It was useful though, considering it had large inside pockets tha- that’s right! He had a paper with his homeroom number on it! Ansyn reached into one of the pockets and took out a dripping wet but still intact scrap of paper. On it a simple number was etched and he quickly memorized it. Well then school, here I come.



He straightened the lapels of his jacket in the halls as he looked around at the people around him. He frowned. Perhaps his outfit had been just a touch too formal after all. No matter. Better to be overdressed than underdressed.

He walked down the hall, notebook in hand, pen in pocket, his shoes clicking lightly on the floor towards his homeroom class. He’d taken the time to memorize the school’s map in advance and took pride in the fact that he wasn’t one of the many people he saw fumbling with maps desparately around him.

Once he arrived, he took a seat near the front of the classroom. He placed the notebook he’d been holding and a pen on the desk directly in front of him, set down the messenger bag he had with him and took out a binder, empty but for a few clean sheets of paper and placed it on the corner of his desk, hoping nobody would knock it off the desk. He then took out a copy of the book he was reading (Between the World and Me) and begun to read it, checking his watch every so often to see when class would start.

ORP: Approachable


well yeah it’s normal smoke from a lit cigarette.


He narrowed his eyes at the boys question. They hadn’t met more than five minutes ago and he was already asking for such personal information. If this was any other person, my, he would—Easy, big guy. “They call me Flame,” he replies, casting a short glance at him. He swings the cigarette back into his mouth, blowing from it again.

He was slightly curious about the other kids name but he didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of asking. Besides, after this, they’d probably never meet again anyway so. However, that didn’t quench his mind from wanting to know a name for the boy. He gruffly asked, “Yours?” Less than an hour in this school and I’m growing soft.




I skipped down the hallways gleefully as I tried to navigate my home room class. I waved at people happily as I passed through. After skipping around for a bit Inreach my class. I took another deep breath as I straightened my black shirt under my overalls. I took out my phone and took another picture.

“Hashtag, entering home room for the first time.” I said as I grinned at the camera.

I put my phone away and entered the classroom. I examined the room and sat down at the very front of the class.

ORP: Approchable



I’m on my way to home room, when I hear someone walking behind me. I turn to see some boy in shades, and a cool leather jacket.

Then I realize he was farther away than I thought. I’m going to have to get used to life this way.

“Hey. You heading to homeroom to?”



As Violet sits in her seat she noticed another girl skipping in.” Hey skippy do you have any gum?” Violet gets up from her seat and walks towards her.


Alexander “Xander” Jones | School Halls

When the guy narrowed his eyes at him, Xander gave a soft sigh. He wondered if trying to talk to this guy was a lost cause. He also didn’t really want to start making enemies at this school already. When the guy said his name was Flame, he smiled slightly. He assumed that meant that Flame didn’t hate him completely. When Flame blew his cigarette smoke, Xander coughed a bit and covered his nose. He really didn’t like the smell of cigarette smoke. If they had the same homeroom he’d have to get used to it though.

He continued to walk, checking his map time and time again, until Flame asked him his name. “Alexander, but you can call me Xander.” He said, smiling. After a while, he made it to homeroom. He pushed the door open so that Flame could enter, “After you.”

Interacting with: Flame
Tags: @QueenChid


.: Ansyn :.
Ansyn froze as he heard a voice speak to him and looked up to see a girl. His right hand reached for his shades as he flicked them upwards to reveal his ocean blue eyes speckled with gold. He gave her his best charming smile as he answered her question. “'Course I am. Where else would I be going?” He laughed as he walked up to her and held out his hand. “Ansyn Moray but I prefer Syn,” Ansyn said. “And yes, Syn as in Sin.”



I laugh. Reaching my hand out to his to shake it.

“I’m Alexus. Nice to meet you.”

I take my shades off and leave them hanging off my jacket pocket.



.: Ansyn :.
Once Alexus had shaken his hand, he withdrew it steadily and placed it back into his pockets. “Alexus huh? No nicknames or anything?” He laughed though it resembled more of a bark. “Just kidding. And it’s nice to meet you too. Should we go inside homeroom now?” Ansyn asked as he nodded towards the door. “I’m hoping to get a good seat before they’re all taken. I’m thinking middle row where I can pass notes discreetly and talk to Harper all while being able to hear the teacher,” Ansyn explained as he took his hands out of his pockets and tugged at his sleeve cuffs.


@ReeseTheReallyGrumpy (Harper)



Huh. He was nicer than he thought he would be. “Thanks.” WOW TWO IN A DAY. What was happening to him? He threw a slight glare at him, mostly relieved that he still could. He felt a tiny bit bad though since the kid had just held a door open for him, so instead of apologizing, he just nodded at him saying, “Cool name.”

He took a seat at the back, half-expecting this Xander to sit beside him. He glanced at the front of the classroom, wondering when this was supposed to start.