Monsterious High |RP| Sign ups (OPEN)


Monsterious High
Congratulations student, we are formally inviting you to be apart of “Monsterious High” due to you being indeed the son/dauther of a famous monster.

Monsterious High is a prestigeous school for the children of famous monsters. We only invite the best of the best. But becareful, Monsterious high is still high school, watch out for drama on every corner.

Tagging people who showed interest:
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Sign up rules:

  1. No perfect Characters!
  2. Please avoid having the same name and FC (face claim) as somebody else!
  3. Don’t make your face claims too scary, I’m not trying to have nightmares tonight!
  4. Avoid Swearing in you Sign up!
  5. Sign up are due May 20th!

Sign ups
Schedules (Coming soon)
Dorm mates (Coming soon)
Face Claims (Coming Soon)

Also, Special thanks to @EpisodeGirl for inspiring the idea of Monsterious High!

Taken Monsters:
The werewolf (2/3)
The Phantom of the Opera (1/1)
The bean si/ banshee (1/1)
Siren (1/1)
Were-hyena (1/1)
Sea Serpent at Arachne (1/1)
Faeries (1/2)
Medusa (1/1)
The Kraken (1/1)
The Ghost (1/2)
Basilisk (1/1)
Yeti (1/1)




Do you have a list of monsters that are taken / reserved?


As of now, no, but I’ll either make a list or notify you if your monster is already taken!


Submitted :smile:


Also, can we be kids of like non - human monsters? Like. . . a Hydra or Phoenix?

EDIT : reserve for Hydra & Phoenix


Yeah, that’s fine! As long as they are some what a monster, you can make a character!


coolio :smiley:


Hello. Are mythical creatures allowed? If so, then can I reserve?


I’m gonna reserve a dragon and a werewolf, if that’s all right.

Edit: well. Then I’ll just reserve a dragon.


I have made one,


Reserve for Sea Serpent at Arachne then if it’s okay! (I need to reserve rn because I’m on low battery :3 sorry for that)


Oh and my character’s face is image


I just signed up. I’ll have my Fc soon


This sounds so fun can’t wait :joy:


Tempted to join so I’ll reserve for some peeps in case

  • Child of the Kraken

  • Child of the Jorōgumo (Japanese Spider-Woman monster basically)


Ok, here’s my faceclaim.


For Alexus Pritchard


could Enchantress count as a monster?


Could I reserve a son of Medusa for now?
I’d like to reserve a female too, but I have no ideas as of now, so I’ll do that in a bit


ooooh Medusa, bit annoyed i didn’t think of that :joy: