Mood board needed (ye forums dis is a complete sentence)

Yo can anyone make me an insprational mood board! Its needed badly!

Just tell me wut u need to know

bump :sneezing_face:

im literally gonna bum this very 5 mins :ghost:

ayo, i have a mood board shop if ur interested Aesthetic Workshop (plus wallpapers) :heart:

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ehhhhhhhh jess but i dont wanna request anything :sunglasses:
bc im lazyyy

@hollywood.episode my friend over here is so goooodd🥺


so you aren’t requesting a mood board but asking for one

whats the difference??

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fine but it better not be some big a*s form a have to fill out or i hate u

i think i’ll live

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which form do i fill out

do u want a character on it?

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ehhhhh sure y not

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then the character aesthetic form

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