Mood Boards Shop Auditions

Hi guys, so I am making a mood board shop and I will need some helpers so you can pm me if you wanna do it, if you wanna do it make sure you:

  • If you can make mood boards and send me some examples
  • Your ‘can do’s and can’t do’s’ as this shop might expand and do more than mood boards
  • How many can you take per request

If you don’t want to pm me, then fill in the following google form:

Mood Board Shop Auditions


Once you get accepted, the following things will take place to make sure you are able to do your part in the shop with ease

  • You will be added to the shop group chat
  • You will then be given your Request Accepted, Request Denied and Request Completed cards with your character on them
  • You will be requested to review your details to ensure there is no mistake in them
  • You will be asked to give your opinions on shop names and group decisions
  • If you ever want to take a leave or leave the shop permanently please do so by writing on the group chat so that you can be marked unavailable in the shop or removed from it
  • When the shop opens we request you to be active as much as you can to provide quick answers to the people requesting


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