Moodboards Needed

Hi, I’m looking to get some moodboards done for my characters. Does anybody currently do them or know someone who does. Please pm me on here. Thank you so much.

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do you want them with ur actual characters in the mood boards? or like you want them like this? - this is an example from google.


I’m sorry, do you mean like pictures of my character in it or like actual episode characters?

im asking what you want because you said for your characters, do you want like people in the moodboard or your actual episode characters

look at the mood board I sent and tell me if you want people like that or your episode characters. if you understand ? :sweat_smile:

I want people, not my actual episode characters.

okay I can try to help

ill pm you and send me the details and such

Oki I sent the pm.

@epi.brazy does :wink:

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