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Moods of an Angsty Teen 101

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Life of an angsty 13 year old teen… through the eyes of her emotions! Follow the crazy life of a seventh grader just trying to get B’s, catch the eye of their crush, and maybe even survive the upcoming quarter finals.

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CURRENT SITUATION - Quinn is in Miami, Florida for a family reunion at her paternal grandparent’s vacation house during summer break. There’s only two weeks of summer left and she’s going to have to deal with her ripped Aunt Carol who hates her dad, a trio of crazy cousins, and her new baby nephew… this is going to be fun. Oh, there’s no wifi by the way!

Right now, the emotions are just starting to wake up as Quinn has finally arrived to Miami after a very long and tiring flight. They can just talk to each other and whatnot while their host takes a long car ride to the house. (NOTE : They have custom rooms so feel free to have the fanciest room ever if you want!)

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Robin could barely sleep. They were so nervous and jittery because of the flight. What if the plane crashed? Or the pilot went insane? Or that the cute boy sitting next to her wanted to start a conversation?! Talking to attractive individuals was too scary. Luckily though, Quinn was asleep most of the flight so Robin couldn’t take hold of the controls like they really really wanted too.

Now, the only thing they had to worry about was not losing their luggage, spending a while with Quinn’s insane family and not be eaten by wolves or alligators. Easy. Robin lightly squeezed her stress ball.



Also, so excited :wink:


Emily had not slept well on the flight, imagining the amount of butts a d heads that had touched the seat that they had had to endure. Not to mention the food here. The only thing she had enjoyed was the lemonade, a refreshing drink away from the salty and clearly cheaply manufactured peanuts.

She of course would make Quinn take a bath and carry hand sanitizer. It was a necessary precaution. I mean, how did Ebola get all the way to America?? By plane!! It was logical!

ORP: approachable


She glanced around. They were here! They were finally here! Her minds raced with the possibilities of all the things they could do that weren’t homework or studying. Maybe she’d get to scroll through Instagram the entire time or binge watch TV. Everything else could wait for later- there was fun literally waiting to be had!

ORP: approachable


Amira. (Doom)

Amira had been awake the entire journey, much to her annoyance, she couldn’t seem to sleep. All these different thoughts and ideas swirling around her. She had been sat in the living area, curled up on a sofa and reading a book; occasionally she would have wandered to the control panel, sending various thoughts of things such as “What if the plane crashes and all your family dies?” and “Imagine if this plane gets lost and can’t be found like the others on the news?” Of course, Quinn was never too happy with these thoughts and Keiko always would push Amira away.

It seemed Amira had been alone the majority of the journey; this wasn’t uncommon as most people actively tried to ignore her. Any time she didn’t spend at the control panel, she would spend reading, trying to get through as many books in her collection as possible.
She currently sits with her feet on the coffee table, mug of coffee in one hand and The Shining book in the other.


She looked around, excited about the new place. Maybe this will be the place Quinn meets her soulmate! She thought, excited. She approached Reverie, who looked excited about it too. “This is so cool, isn’t it?” She smiled.



“Of course! There’s so much to do! But I’m sure it can wait.” She smiled


She gasped, excited, “What if Quinn finds romance heereee?” She sang, happily. “A romance in Miami would be the cutest thing!”


OOC: Someone should approach Robin because I feel like they’d be too afraid to actually approach anyone but I’m bored and still wanna interact with people. Thanks :slight_smile:


ORP: I’m about to write Arriam’s scene, but he/they(?) can approach them if you want.


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Unlike the other emotions who seemed to be asleep during the flight, he was very much awake and alert, already thinking about how Quinn could spend her time productively. As always, he filled out one page of his notebook, but this time, with somehow detailed, but messy plans on things she could do during the family reunion. Looking around, he made a face at the lack of organization with his surroundings, but he’d have to deal with that later. For now, he had to do something before Quinn finally gets to the house.

Walking around, notebook in hand, he noticed Robin, looking anxious as always. He mentally sighed, contemplating on whether to talk to them or not. On one hand, he could try to ease their nerves, not that it’d ever work, but it was worth a try. On the other hand, it might have been a waste of time where he could spend more time planning for all the scenarios he could think of for Quinn’s vacation. Although, it would have also been a good idea to get his mind off of the matter so he could focus on it later.

He walked towards Robin, making note to make as little disturbances as possible, and decided to speak up first. “Are you feeling okay?” he asked, briefly glancing at the stress ball and back at them.


Robin jumped and made an ever so quiet squeal as they felt someone approach them and speak to them. Hadn’t Robin experienced enough anxious experiences for one day?!?! They soon realized it was Arriam. He had asked them a question. Come on, you can do this Robin. Talking to people isn’t that bad. Right? They thought to themselves, lightly squeezing the stress ball in their hands.

“What?.. Yeah, I’m totally fine… Haha…” They said, finishing with a somewhat nervous laugh. “New places make me anxious…” They admitted.

They glanced at the notebook in his hands. “Um… Taking notes as always… huh?” They asked, trying to calm themselves down and actually have a normal conversation.



After getting on a sensible and matching outfit to go with her ponytail, Emily walked out to the control panel area. She saw Amira and grimaced at the book she was reading. “Is that why everyone has been having trouble sleeping? You’re giving Quinn crazy thoughts about blood and murders?” She shivered at the word blood yet sometimes the things that grossed her out, she became slightly more interested in. It must be Quinn’s doing, always watching things like CSI or Criminal Minds. “What part are you at?”
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Amira glances up from her reading, raising an eyebrow at the girl before her. She smiles, almost innocently, however her eyes are narrowed and thoughtful, similar to that of a cats. “I’ve only just started this one. Chapter 3 I’m on. It’s… riveting.” She says softly, her smile growing. Amira’s long fingers run down the spine of the book before she snaps it shut. “I guess it is my doing of why Quinn has been rather… restless shall we say.”

Amira stops for a moment, her face twisting into confusion as she eyes up Emily. “Why… are you talking to me? People normally like to ignore me unless I’m doing something ‘wrong’.”



Andy (Hunger)

Andy slept well, as she does every night, as long as she has her trusty donut pillow. She raises her arms, opens her mouth, and lets out a big yawn. She sleepily looks around her bedroom, and lets out another yawn.The only thing she could think about were the snacks on the plane. Andy loved all of them, but her absolute favorite are the pancakes. They were given to Quinn on a square plate, with two pancakes in the middle, two equally sliced bananas sitting on the pancakes, and top top it off, syrup grazed over it. It was one of Andy’s favorite foods.

ORP: Approachable!

Elliot (Confusion)

Elliot woke up from what seemed like a hour long sleep, and removed her blanket . She seemed to forget why she was on a plane in the first place, but she didn’t mind, she’ll probably figure it out later. She exited her room and headed for the Main Frame. She sees everyone hanging around. She wanted to approach someone, but of course, had her head in the clouds again, and she blocked everything out. Classic Elliot.

ORP: Approachable! (But you’ll have to deal with her utter confusion ;p)


He nodded cautiously. As expected, Robin was acting agitated as always, and judging by their behaviour, it was rather obvious they were not fine at all. It was understandable, however. He knew how it must have been to be in a new environment far from home. Even with his plans he jotted down, he himself didn’t know the full extent of what he was supposed to expect from the family reunion, though he knew for sure he had to keep things under control if something went amiss. He just hoped the reunion could go well enough so Quinn wouldn’t be too stressed to study later on at school. He was still reluctant to let Quinn slack off on her studies, but knowing that the other emotions wouldn’t let him make her study because of vacation, he decided to let it go for now.

He realized that Robin had asked him a question regarding his notebook, and he nodded in response. “Yes, I am,” he replied, unsure of what else he could say about it. “I haven’t written much today though,” he added with a shrug. He had only managed to write one full page, which was considerably smaller in comparison to his five or more pages. Although it might have been due to him trying to compress his notes this time around to conserve paper.

“What do you think is going to happen in the family reunion?” he asked, genuinely curious to what they thought about it. He already guessed their answer would have been something of a worst case scenario, but it could still help him with his future plans.


~>>Keiko<<~ (Joy)
The plane ride had been boring, though in the beginning Keiko had gone up to the controls and had Quinn look at the fantastic view. After that, she had only sent thoughts to Quinn’s head to counteract Amira sending thoughts of Quinn’s possible doom. She didn’t want Quinn to freak out during the plane ride. Now she sat eagerly at the controls in her fun new chair, ready to defend them against fear, sadness, or doom. Quinn was not going to be sad and scared on this trip. She watched Quinn move about through Quinn’s eyes. She would call Sabrina over if she saw any cute guys.

ORP: approachable


That’s just it. Robin didn’t know. The unknown was always scarier than the known. Always If you knew what was going to happen you wouldn’t have to worry. Are you gonna die today? Nope, I already know that so no need to worry. But, that isn’t how life is. You don’t know. So, for all you know you could be eaten by a crocodile, or a vampire could suck you of your blood, or a meteor can come and strike you where you stand! The Unknown was much scarier.

Robin would’ve relayed this all to Arriam, but didn’t want to annoy him with their pestering worried thoughts. He probably had a whole list of things to do scribbled on his notebook and Robin thought it was best not to ramble on to him about it.

“I- Uh- Don’t know…” She started off. “Well I know Quinn’s cousins will be there and they’ll probably make a huge mess. And Aunt Carol is probably going to get in a fight with Dad. It’s gonna get so bad that they’ll split the house in half to avoid seeing each other and then we’d have to choose sides and f-“ She began, and quickly cut her self off, looking at Arriam’s stare which, atleast to Robin, looked condescending and judgmental. ‘I’m annoying him. Aren’t I…’ They thought nervously to themself.

“Um… Yeah… I think it’ll be fun…” They added in quietly, brushing a hair behind her ear.


“Evidently I have nothing better to do.” Ah, doom. Always creating uncescessary trouble. “Have you ever considered changing your outfit? Honestly the lighting does not compliment it.” She sniffed the air and smelt pancakes. “WHO HAS SYRUP??? DOES NO ONR REALIZE HOW STICKY IT COULD MAKE THE CONTROL PANEL??” Her eyes grew with intensity. “And stickiness means finegrprints and fingerprints means someone elses germs have touched it. WHO IS IT?!”

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