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Moods of an Angsty Teen 101

Life of an angsty 13 year old teen… through the eyes of her emotions! Follow the crazy life of a seventh grader just trying to get B’s, catch the eye of their crush, and maybe even survive the upcoming quarter finals.

List of Emotions

Joy [TAKEN] - Makes teen happy and optimistic about school

Sadness [TAKEN] - Makes teen sad and gloomy about anything

Anger [TAKEN] - Makes teen mad and angry about life

Fear/Anxiety [TAKEN] - Gives teen fear over presentations

Disgust [TAKEN] - Makes teen avoid drugs and gross bathroom stalls

Procrastination [TAKEN] - Lets teen have fun through doing social media instead of homework

Anti-Procrastination [TAKEN] - Lets teen be bored through doing homework and school work

Hunger [TAKEN] - Makes teen hunger for ice cream and chicken nuggets

Sleep [TAKEN] - Makes teen sleepy and want to take a nap during Algebra

Love/Jealousy [ OPEN ] - Gives teen crushes and makes teen jealous when someone talks to crush

Hate [TAKEN] - Makes teen angry at girl who pushed her in the hallway yesterday and want utter revenge

Excitement [TAKEN] - Allows teen to be overjoyed over field trips and free food

Embarrassment [TAKEN] - Makes teen embarrassed over tripping in gym yesterday

Confusion [TAKEN] - What is happening?!?

**Doom [TAKEN] - : )

First come, first serve! Please only reserve for one for now!

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Note: Credit to @Lady-Mehek for the original

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Moods of an Angsty Teen 101 | RP | Official Thread

Dibs on Hunger.

Edit: oh, and first.


The coin shall be flipped then


@Luxinos and I reserve procrastination and anti-procrastination and I’ll edit when I know who’s who


Joy? Maybe. Anyways, I got dibs on something.


Since You’re an optomist, this is perfect!


Lmao reserve for Doom because why not

Jk I’m taking Anger


Zhe coin has been flipped.

But zhe coin is telling us to dab on the haters.

Which means…

@Lady-Mehek is taking Procrastination. I think. XD Enjoy the resulting destruction this may cause. And feel free to ask for a free refund if necessary.


Reserve for Excitement!


Aww, I like love too. Rip. :frowning:


Reserve for sadness the emotion I know oh so well. :joy:


I’m taking love instead, peeps. If Hunger is ever available again, I really do want it, just…love and jealousy…


Oh thank you for taking that. I couldn’t decide between love or joy. You just made my decision sooooo much easier. :smile:


Aha! You are welcome, dear Kitten.


This reminds me of the movie Inside Out.


Ah, I’m a dear Kitten now :heart: :heart:


Lol You always have been. :slight_smile:


Had a random thought. Wouldn’t it be kinda cute if all of our characters FCs were anime?


Yeah! That would rock!


Ill take fear!!!