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Status: Closed Temporarily (please read update for further explanation)

Open Spots: N/A

Updates (please read!!): I am temporarily leaving Episode Forums and Episode altogether. I have been focusing my work on other platforms. I may return to Episode some time in the future, but as of now I am not seeing a date. If you requested a commission and haven’t received it, I apologize but you need to find someone else to do it. I also apologize for not having the time to alert everyone of this. Thank you to everyone who helped get my page out there and let me spread my art and thank you for understanding :heart_hands: (as of 6/01/2022)

All art is free and can be used by anyone with proper credit ( @shadow.art.official on instagram )

Art I Accept:

Small/Large Art Covers

Art Scenes

Profile Pictures


Character Cards



Splashes (Audio / Warning / Credit Pages)

No current examples

Trailer Videos

No current examples


Message me and I’ll let you know if it’s something I can do :slight_smile:

Even if you don’t need a commission, it would mean the world if you could recommend me, spread my thread, or just bump this :))


bump! :blob_turtle:

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Can you draw boys also

yea! i just forgot to feature those in the examples lol- :sweat_smile:

Can i see it

pm me :slight_smile:

Hi girl,

Could you draw a cover of a couple?


yes i could! i’ll pm you :slight_smile:

Hi! May I get a large cover for my story?
I would like the cover to be somewhat like this but the woman’s hand on the guy’s neck

Female’s description

The female has brown skin ( a reference would be Gold 05 on Episode) has long curly hair (a reference would be Long Voluminous Curls Loose) hair color is dark brown, has full round brown lips, her nose is Round Button Wide on Episode, she has slanted eyes dark brown with long eyelashes, brows are arched, and her face shape is round soft

Males description
He has tan skin a reference would be Gold 04, he has a slit through his brows, his hair is wavy and messy and ash-blonde reference is Medium Wavy Messy, eyes are Narrow Almond Deep Smiling color is grey cool, face shape is Square Defined on Episode, the nose is Straight Pointed and lips are Medium Heart.

You can pick any background that you think would fit since it’s not a big part of the cover. If you want to add any other touches to the cover please do so!

I can add my story name later if that’s okay with you

If you can’t do this then it’s okay! I appreciate what you’re doing.

could you make me a cover?

yes, i could! pm me :slight_smile:

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yep, pm me :slight_smile:

Moon :waning_gibbous_moon:

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