Moonlight art shop {open/hiring }

This is a new art shop I’m opening rn but it’s only 2 people at the moment for art requests but if you would like to join the shop send me some examples and ill think about it rn im only accepting 2-3 request until there are more members.

  • Dont steal our work
  • Pls credit the person who made your art if they like
  • Pls dont ask us to do the art then ask somebody else to do it
    *Pls be patient with us as we have other priorites to
  • if u have any other additional questions pls pm your artist do NOT put them on your form
  • While you are filling out ur form pls remember to put the password
  • pls use ur form correctly
  • we have every right to deni ur request

    @Wolfie2 @ChicBear


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Character cards

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outfit ideas

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Pls fill out the following correctly

  1. Character details

  2. Background

  3. Cover/pfp/splash size

  4. Character clothes details

5.Prefered character position with reference

  1. Screenshots (optional)

  2. Deadline if there is one


  1. Mood of art

  2. Colours(optional)

    12.Artist u would like


Great art! :blob_hearts:




Could I make a request? :blush: :innocent:

Character Details:

Copper 02
Arched Thin High (Copper Red)
Wavy Long (Copper Red)
Deepset Almond (Hazel Dark)
Grecian Soft
Full Heart Pouty (Rose Gloss)


A mysterious city, town or forest at night. You can use any of these:

city-89197_640 forest-3385832_640

Cover/pfp/splash size: Cover

Character clothes details:

Freckles Heavy (00-03)
Quilted Pattern Panelling Belted Open Jacket Neutral Sable
Netted Collar Dress Small Belted Floral Short Dress Cotton Purple Orchid
Strapped Accented Watch Face Brown Sable
Single Strapped Closed Toe Wedges Cotton Brown Chocolate

Preferred character position with reference:

Something mysterious or eerie with her looking back (but only half-body/waist up):


Screenshots (optional):

Deadline (if there is one): None
Style: Limelight
Mood of art: A little mysterious/scary/eerie
Colors (optional): Dark and warm colors (ex. red, purple, green, black, etc.)
Password: STARS

Artist u would like:

@ChicBear I believe. The person who drew this example:

It’s beautiful and I would love to have mine drawn in this style as well :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes: :heartbeat: :revolving_hearts:


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What title do you want it to have?

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Oh, you don’t have to add the title. I have a few title ideas and haven’t chosen one yet.

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I can help choose one. PM me as it would be off-topic.



Tell me if you need any changes :slight_smile:
And be sure to come to our shop next time if needed!


Girl that looks bomb

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And btw do u have insta

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I do: @epi.priya

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I would like to request a drawn cover from @ChicBear
character details:
Raven: Skin color: light
Brow shape: Seductive arch
Face shape: Oval
Hair style: Straight
Hair color: Platinum blond
Eye shape: Upturned feline
Eye color: Toffee
Nose shape: Upturned
Lip shape: Full round
Lip color: Bordeaux

Alex: Skin color: Tan
          Brow shape: Thin arch
          Face shape: Diamond 
          Hair style: short cropped hair
          Hair color: Black
          Eye shape: Stoic almond
          Eye color: Green
          Nose shape: Button
          Lip shape: Smirk
          Lip color: Terracotta





Characters position: I want Alex to be in the middle and Raven on his right side. And I want Alex to be holding on to Ravens waist with his right hand. And I want Raven to be smiling up at him and Alex to be smiling down at her.

Mood of art: Very romantic/ bright
Password: STARSThis text will be blurred

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Do you want waist-up or full body?

Waist up is fine.

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tysm for this art shop guys? password: STARS

I am actually looking for a PFP which looks like your examples can @ChicBear make it something like this?


but just the eye color changed to brown black color and hair more blackish and outfit color can be black and skin color to be Rose 03 (in LL colors)? and also bg can be this one…

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  1. Character details
    Body: Gold 01
    Brow: Arched natural, dark brown
    Hair: Long wavy loose bangs sideswept, brunette brown
    Eyes: Deepset almond, blue green
    Face: Square defined
    Nose: Defined natural
    Lips: Small heart, pink peach Lt gloss

  2. Background:
    This one would work, preferably a section of the sky with some of the roof peaking in. However, any sky would do. Or, another option (although I can’t find any good pictures for it) would be a cliff overlooking a forest or ocean or anything but a city.

  3. Cover/pfp/splash size: Cover

  4. Character clothes details:
    A short, white, billowy dress, like the “Angel Dress Costume Chiffon Platinum Snow” in the clothing section. Really any dress similar to that style will do. The character also has wings, they are the “Wings Angel Soft Blue.” Basically, the wings are white that fades into a light blue at the ends.
    5.Prefered character position with reference:
    If a sky background, then I want her to be flying. Preferably facing the camera, with her wings arched up. If a cliff background, then I want her wings to be down, and to have her standing looking out over the cliff. I imagine the wings to be similar to angels, or like in Maleficent, so much bigger than they are on the app.

  5. Deadline if there is one:
    It’s for the Magicka contest, so within a week and a half if possible!

I really like the drawn style of the first example provided. I don’t need it to look like the Limelight style - just as long as the features resemble the character.

  1. Mood of art:
    Dramatic, light, and mystical.


12.Artist u would like:
The artist who drew the first example, @ChicBear

Also, for a title, Ayvian Academy

How’s my request going?