🌙 Moonlights art shop ✨

Welcome to… Moonlights art shop!!!
Our members are…
@epy.love and @sky_bby !!!


Respect Us!
Please keep in mind that we all have a life outside of this Shop and we are gonna try our best to finish your request!

Don’t rush us!
This one also goes with the Respect us rule just as I said we are trying our best to help you!

Password Make sure you use the password MoonLight so we know you read all the rules!

Each and everyone of us has the right to deny your request no matter what!

Thread Hopping
Please do not thread hop we spend time on your request and we do not like seeing you thread hop after all the effort we put in Thread hopping will result in your getting banned and black Listed from all our future art shops!

Examples and Artists!

What I can do, Splashes, Covers, Pfp, Edits, Overlays, Custom Poses, and Character Cards!
I only do ink and edited art!


She can do, Covers , art Intro & outro , edit request , and pfp!


She can do, Backgrounds, edited backgrounds and Character cards!


Waiting list…


What are you requesting
Who’s your artist
Char deets
Any extras


Now I feel violated u have the same name as us🤣
But ur examples are amazing!
Good luck on ur shop​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::crystal_ball::smiling_imp::nail_care:

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Ahhh I’m sorry I didn’t know😭 but thank you good luck!

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Hi do you any forms or requirements other than the password for requests?


Okay I put the form at the end of the thread!

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Artist : @avagoodwriter

Background : I need a romantic dinner background with flowers and food…

Password: MoonLight

Your request has been denied
Please put the password then you can request again!

I changed it…

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Okay! Now just wait till she reply’s!:white_heart:

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What are you requesting A edit
Who’s your artist @sky_bby
Char deets


Type: Ink
Name: Ashten Jacob Wylde
Skin tone: Tan
Brows: Thin Arch
Hair: Short Cropped, Platinum
Eyes: Gentle Almond, White
Face: Defined Triangle
Nose: Button
Lips: Uneven, Terracotta


Would it be possible that on the waist band it says either AJ or Wylde? If not that’s fine though

Background No background
Any extras The full body tribal tattoo and chain and earring in the outfit part

Would you be able to use the pose in the examples with the boxer?

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Hey did you want me to do this edit and I don´t know a pose .


Yes ofc!

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What are you requesting I love the edit of the guy that is Ink style but with the limelight tattoos!
Who’s your artist @sky_bby Char deets*
Outfits Honestly, he can just be shirtless with the ripped punk pants from the ink portal :wink:
Background I’m not picky with this one, but would prefer anything dark/edgy/music themed
Any extras freckles and gauges (if possible).


character details

PW: Moonlight

Please and thank you for your time! <3

sorry the pose of the guy is so cringe, it’s the best i could find LOL

Hiii Ava isn’t really in the art shop anymore bc she’s not actually active at all I’m sorry :confused:

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Hi yes if you can and I was hoping you could do this one from your examples,

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Request Accepted

I will get to work!


Your Background:

I did the best I could!

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It’s beautiful!

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